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Top Walt Disney World Money-Saving Tips

Top Walt Disney World Money-Saving Tips

Most people take for granted that a Walt Disney World trip is expensive. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be as much as you think. If kept unchecked, your Walt Disney World spending could be much more than you anticipate or even cost you more than it really should. Saving money on a Walt Disney World vacation is very easy if that is what you want to do. Here are some of the best Walt Disney World money-saving tips you can follow so your vacation budget does not get blown.

walt disney worlds money saving tips

Budget Everything

The first and best way to save money on your vacation is to decide how much everything should cost. Put a dollar value on every aspect of the trip from travel and lodging, to meals, souvenirs, and of course, tickets. It’s way better to have a starting point then it is to jump right into trying to save. You need to have an overall vacation budget with funds delegated to the different facets of your trip. Then you work down from there to see how much you can bring the cost down in each category.

I recommend not being too stingy with yourself. Keep your expectations realistic and remember you are on vacation. You don’t want to estimate low costs only to come out spending way more.

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Consider All Hotel Options

There are several options on where to stay at Walt Disney World. First, there are the Disney resorts that offer three pricing tiers. You could stay at a Disney value hotel, a moderate, or a deluxe. Each has pros and cons, and depending on your budget, any of them could be the right choice. There is even a Four Seasons on the property if you have the budget for that.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is also a Best Western, a Holiday Inn, and more. All are on the property and have the same perks as Disney hotels. Non Disney hotels can be much cheaper, though. Even the Hilton is priced lower than a Disney Value resort.

You can go even further beyond that and book somewhere nearby, that is off the property. Another less expensive option is to book a campsite instead of a room. You can do this at Fort Wilderness, which is just a boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom.

Park Tickets

You can save on park tickets in several ways. First, you can avoid buying park hopper tickets. Stick to the single park tickets to get more value. Park hopping gives you less total park time and does not let you experience any park fully.

There are exceptions, but buying a multi-day bundle with park hopper options is a big budget buster. It is a good idea to buy your multiway tickets in advance, though. You can even save more by purchasing through a discount ticket website.

The Worst Way To Waste Your Time In Disney World

Skip the Rental Car

If you are staying on Disney property, there is no need to have a car. There are all kinds of complimentary transportation. Besides that, there are paid options such as Minnie Van and Uber to help you get around more directly. With nightly hotel parking fees and the parking costs at the parks, it is much better to forget the car and just enjoy the ride.

How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000

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Midweek Travel

Keep your travel days away from the weekends to save money on your flight and your hotel stay. Consider booking your outbound flight on Thursday and your return flight the following Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. You could also plan a shorter trip from Tuesday to Thursday; or a long one from Tuesday to the next Thursday. It may be worth staying at a cheaper hotel to have a more extended stay.

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If you want to save on souvenirs, you can go to the Disney outlet store near Disney World. There are also a Target and a Walmart just outside of Disney World that has a bunch of Disney souvenirs for sale. You can also save on Souvenirs and other Disney purchases by using a Disney Visa card for discounts and redeeming rewards for Disney dollars. If you plan on buying any Photopass photos, consider the Memory Maker package for a solid value on unlimited photos of your trip.

How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000

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