10 Travel Tips from a Former Flight Attendant

10 Travel Tips from a Former Flight Attendant

Who knows travel better than people who do it every day? Check out these travel tips from a former flight attendant for your next trip!

If you are looking for sneaky ways to make traveling easier, who better to ask than a former flight attendant? Flight attendants have to do a lot of flying for their jobs, and many of them have shared tips and tricks to help make experiences better for those flying, or just things you should know before you go! So, here are ten travel tips from a former flight attendant.

travel tips from a former flight attendant

The Best Travel Tips from a Former Flight Attendant

You get more attentive service if you sit near the back of the plane

The best place to get attentive service from a flight attendant is near the back of the plane. While it’s not an ideal sitting spot, it can help you get served quicker, or get help faster.

travel tips from a former flight attendant

Steer clear of tea and coffee on a plane

Plane water is not the best, and hot water from the plane is used to make tea and coffee. If you can avoid it, don’t drink airplane tea or coffee.

Wipe down your tray table if you can

Baby’s get changed on those tables, people spill food and wipe it up with a napkin, so if you can, wipe down your table.

Don’t let weight be what keeps you from carrying on a bag

A bag that is too heavy will have to be checked! To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, weigh your bag at home, or make sure that you are only packing what you need.

If you’re flying early or late, don’t plan on airport meals

While airports have many different restaurants and dining locations, many places don’t open for breakfast or late-night meals. This means that you shouldn’t bank on being able to access these places for a 6 am flight or 10 pm landing.

Check for reduced upgrades on your flight the day you leave

To get people to book these higher-priced seats, sometimes the price will drop the day you leave! When you check-in, see what the price is to upgrade!

Don’t use seat pockets

Seat pockets on a plane are where items go to get left behind. If you don’t have to use them or don’t want to worry about that stress while flying, don’t use them!

If something goes wrong on your flight, you might get freebies

Tell someone if something goes wrong on your flight! You may be able to get free upgrades, in-flight meals, or something else complimentary for your troubles.

Frequent Flyer accounts have notes

When your card is scanned at the podium, there is a notes section where flight staff can see notes about you! If you’ve been rude or difficult in the past, you can bet it’s going to be in the notes!

Flight attendants can help you with destination tips

Flight attendants have one or two-day layovers in some of the frequent destinations, so they may have some tips about where you are flying to! It can’t hurt to ask!

As you can see, there are many tips and tricks to help you fly smarter and better! Hopefully, these tips will help you on your next flight too.

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