4 Ways To Teach Your Kids Patience

4 Ways To Teach Your Kids Patience

Teaching your kids patience should be at the top of your list if it’s not already. Here are 4 ways to teach your kids patience.

Teaching your little ones to be a bit more patient is more than just helping them stay quiet in school or make a road trip more bearable. It’s an important skill that your child will use as an adult and as they grow up. Patience will help them learn about delayed gratification and help them in all aspects of their life from health to relationships. So teaching your kids patience should be at the top of your list if it’s not already. Here are a few ways to teach your kids patience, even if you have an impatient child.

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Make Patience Something Positive

Positive reinforcement is an excellent way for your children to learn patience. This will help them, especially while they’re young and don’t understand time yet. When you create a timeframe for something such as a snack or when you’ll reach somewhere, they will inevitably ask if it’s time yet. When they ask, respond in a kind, patient, and positive manner and remember that they don’t understand time yet. Asking is simply getting the answer to a question to them and understanding time, not to try to annoy you.

Teach Your Children About Purposeful Delays

Instant gratification is all around us, but we sometimes need to delay that gratification for our kids as parents. If for no other reason than to teach them patience, sometimes this has to be done when everything can be at our fingertips in just seconds. For example, let’s say that your daughter has been begging you for a puppy. While there may not be a reason why she can’t have that puppy now, waiting until she has done something specific or until a holiday will teach her that she can wait for what she wants. This will teach that very important lesson and teach her that everything will turn out okay if she has to wait.

Acknowledge How Difficult Waiting Can Be

Patience isn’t always my friend. As a mother, I’ve gotten snappy when I should’ve been more patient or frustrated when something took too long. During these moments when we HAVE to be patient, it’s important to acknowledge the difficulty behind the very acting of being patient. This will not only show your kids that it’s not always easy but show them that sometimes it won’t come easy for them.

Make Patience Visual

Patience is a hard thing for visual learners to grasp. However, there are a few ways that you can visualize that patience for them! First, make a countdown or timer for them when they have to wait for specific things. Second, create a progress board toward things they are working toward. Making this something they can visualize will help them realize how long some things take and help give them a sense of what they are waiting for.

You don’t have to have a patient child for them to master the art of patience. With this helpful guide, your kids will learn how to be more patient and have more patience as a result.


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