6 Signs You May Have a Fixed Mindset

6 Signs You May Have a Fixed Mindset

While you may have a fixed mindset now, that doesn’t mean that your mindset can’t shift over time. Here are a few signs you may have a fixed mindset.

Your mindset can be an important tool that helps you decide whether you are making positive or negative changes in your personal and professional life. If you were to break down different mindsets into just two categories, you would find that most people fall into either a growth or fixed mindset. But are you unsure which one you fall into? Here are six signs that you may have a fixed mindset.

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You believe success comes from natural talent

Instead of believing that success is something that you work toward, you think that success only comes to those with natural talents and skills. Success is something that you don’t see as earned but something available to the talented few. In your eyes, success isn’t something the average person can achieve, but rather something only the best and most talented will get.

You are feeling helpless

Someone with a fixed mindset would approach a test by thinking, “I’m not smart enough” or “I’m terrible at this subject,” which both contribute to having a disappointing outcome before the task has even begun. These limiting beliefs make it difficult to realize what you did wrong and seek ways to improve yourself.

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You give up whenever things get challenging

When challenges come your way, you tend to give up easily instead of overcoming the obstacle that stands in your way. Instead, you might find yourself avoiding those situations or avoiding people who cause them entirely. Anything that might push you outside of your comfort zone feels like a threat.

You are praising yourself constantly

We all know that one person seems to trap you into a constant compliment type of conversation. Naturally, we all want to share our praises and especially do so when we have feelings of insecurity. However, if you only feel the need to brag about getting rid of that insecurity, you might have a fixed mindset.

You are focusing more on your ability than on the effort

Are you more interested in the process of something? Or are you more focused on the outcome? For instance, if you are trying to pay off debt, are you looking at the goal of being debt-free, or are you focused on the lifestyle changes and new habits that will get you there. If you are more focused on the outcome than the process, your mindset is more fixed. 

You have a constant desire to look smart in public

If you have a fixed mindset, you might have a constant desire to appear smart. This isn’t the same thing as being clever but is considered better than actually being smart. It’s not only about how others would perceive you but that it’s good enough that you appear smart and aren’t smart. It’s a good enough mindset, and you feel that no further work is required.

While you may have a fixed mindset now, that doesn’t mean that your mindset can’t shift over time. With some help and new habits, you too can have a growth mindset.

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