The Best National Parks on the West Coast

The Best National Parks on the West Coast

With diverse landscapes and some amazing views, West Coast national parks are a perfect vacation! These are the best national parks on the West Coast!

As American citizens, we are spoiled by the diverse amount of national parks in the United States. There are hundreds of them, and some of the best of them tend to be on the West Coast. If you’re looking for diverse landscapes and some amazing views, then you’ve got to check out these national parks on the West Coast.

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Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is the perfect national park to visit if you’re in the California area. It’s one of the best-known parks on the entire west coast and has over 2,000 square miles of wilderness. Whether you want to see beautiful waterfalls, take a hike on one of the hundreds of hiking trails, or just spend some time in nature, this park is one not to miss.

Death Valley National Park

While the heat and desolation might sound like a park to skip, this is one of the more remote landscapes that you will want to stop by! Explore the off-the-beaten-path landscape of this national park and check out sand dunes and bask in the badlands of this national park.

Glacier National Park

Many of the glaciers have melted, but this Montana national park is completely pristine, jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and a family vacation spot you will not want to miss! The Going to the Sun Road is one of the most iconic drives in the world, and throughout the park you can drive, hike, or boat to numerous waterfalls, glacier lakes, mountain overlooks, and more!

Crater Lake National Park

This lake has a 30 feet ancient tree stump that defies the very laws of physics and floats vertically in the lake. Check out the old man of the lack that has been there since the 1930s. This is the clearest lake in the world and one of the deepest in the united states.

Grand Teton National Park

If you’re looking for a good mix of fun and scenic views, this is one of the best parks that have both. It has adventure-seeking options such as kayaking and long hikes, but it also has short overlooks and scenic spots to see. 

Olympic National Park

This is one of the last few temperate rainforests in the world that is protected and a must-see whenever you are looking to visit a national park on the west coast. From driftwood beaches to over 3,000 miles of rivers, you’ll find a little bit of every type of scenery at this national park.

Mount Rainier National Park

Another must-see is this national park! You can see a volcano here and its dominating peak as it sits amongst the green valleys and wildflowers. This national park is a paradise and is nature at its best. If you want to see amazing trails and see the best sunrise that you will ever see, a flight here is a short price to pay!

Yellowstone National Park

The first official national park is one of the best to visit while you’re on the west coast! This national park is home to so many different types of wildlife from the bears and herds of bison to the coyotes and wolves who run the trails at night. The hot springs and geysers give plenty of scenic experiences to anyone who visits.

If you’re planning to hit a national park on the west coast, you’ve got to check out these options! They are all great places to go if you want to explore the outdoors as a family.

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