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How To Plan Your First Trip To Hawaii

How To Plan Your First Trip To Hawaii

Hawaii is an island paradise, perfect for vacation, but don’t go without a plan! These are excellent tips for how to plan your first trip to Hawaii.

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So, you’re in the beginning stages of planning your first trip to Hawaii?! Congratulations! We know you’ve heard that it’s a trip of a lifetime and that’s putting it lightly. As exciting as you may be, it’s important that you are aware of everything that will make your trip go more smoothly so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Check out our tips on how you need to plan for your first trip to one of the Hawaiian islands. 

Save Save Save

It’s no secret that taking a trip to Hawaii is going to cost you a small fortune, so begin saving up well in advance. It’s estimated that costs are around $268 per person, each day, and that’s without airfare. Did we mention hidden fees? 

If you’re planning a more luxurious kind of stay, along with eating out for every meal, expect it to be even more. We’re not telling you all this to talk you out of going, just that it’s an incredible trip that you need to spend a lot of time, saving up for.   

Discover the Best Times to Visit

If you’re interested in less-crowded beaches and where the hotel rates in Hawaii are more than reasonable, visit around the spring (April-May)or fall time (Sept to mid-Nov). That’s before and after peak season, and the weather is still pretty nice. Rumor has it, that it rains a lot in Kauai around April, so keep that in mind.  

Knowing Which Island to Choose

The islands of Maui and Oahu are two of the most popular islands in Hawaii that tourists enjoy most. They both have gorgeous beaches, plenty of natural beauty to explore, as well as shopping, dining, nightlife atmosphere, and plenty of activities.

They’re also both kid-friendly, although less green on compared to other islands, Big Island is where you’ll find active volcanoes and amazing beaches. The island of Kaui is less developed than the previous islands, but it’s more of a tropical rainforest setting, with epic hiking trails, stunning views, and impressive waterfalls.  

Even though there are fewer activities and luxuries that the other islands have, Molokai and Lanai provide you with a more secluded experience.     

Book Well in Advance

To take advantage of everything that Hawaii has to offer, it’s in your best interest to book your stay as early as you can. That way you can ensure your accommodations and grab a room with an excellent ocean view. 

This is true if you’re planning a luxurious stay at a resort, or budgeting by staying in a condo or Airbnb with your family. You can even choose to save even more money by camping at one of several beautiful locations.    

Pack Appropriate

Believe it or not, temperatures do get a little cool at night, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a sweater packed in everyone’s luggage. Also, keep in mind that Hawaii bans sunscreen lotions that contain coral-harming chemicals, but they do sell sunscreen there for a reasonable cost.  

Remember to Relax

Your trip to Hawaii can be pretty busy, trying to see everything and do all the possible activities. Set up a daily itinerary that will plan each day for your family, whether you hike, snorkel, shop, and do whatever else it is you’re planning. 

Just remember that a trip to Hawaii is all about relaxation, so make sure you find a good spot on the beach each day and enjoy all the beauty around you. 

These are several things for you to be aware of when you’re planning your first trip to Hawaii. If you’ve already visited one of the islands, what advice would you give to a first-timer?

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