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The Non-Hiker’s Guide To National Parks

The Non-Hiker’s Guide To National Parks

If you want to enjoy the National Parks but hate to go for long hikes, this Non-Hiker’s Guide to National Parks is perfect for you!

We’ve all been on a hike with THOSE people. The type of people who go on full-day hikes or even multi-day hikes. If you’re not a hiker, the very idea of going to a national park might seem like both a waste of time and your money. Camping and hiking at national parks are not cheap, but just because you don’t want to hike doesn’t mean you can’t go! Here is a non-hiker’s guide to national parks!

non hikers guide to national parks

Choose smaller hikes

If you don’t like to hike, look at the park map. There are usually small trails that take just a few minutes to hike and will lead to waterfalls or other attractions. While these are considered hikes, you don’t need to go far, and this is perfect for inexperienced hikers. Be sure to pay attention to the map guide as it will tell you how long the trail is. You may be able to go for a hike that is less than a mile or even a hike that can be driven.

mount rainier national park

Take advantage of attractions when available

Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite are just two of the many parks that have a bunch of attractions to visit! Some of the world’s most popular attractions in nature are in the world’s national parks. If you don’t want to go hiking, consider checking out these attractions instead! You can visit the Grand Canyon or visit another landmark without hiking. Many national parks also have lakes to swim in or other outdoor activities to do. Kayaking down a river can be just as nice as going for a hike.

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Go camping instead to get the full experience

If you don’t want to hike, you can still experience all the national park has to offer by camping! You’ll find a fantastic spot to camp, and then you can take in all the scenery! You can even camp under some pretty amazing skies without taking a single hike! There are plenty of things to do that don’t involve hiking, and you can still enjoy all that a national park has to offer without going hiking.

yosemite national park

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Ride a bike instead

If you don’t want to hike, consider biking instead! It’s a lot easier than hiking and the perfect activity for people who want to travel through the trails but don’t want to hike. Not all of the parks have this option, but many of them have biking or bike-friendly trails. You may need a mountain bike for some of the trails, but if you like to bike, this could be a great option. Some national parks may also have bikes you can rent, so check with your national park ranger before you bring your own bike to the park.

Indiana Dunes National Park

If you are looking for a way to visit the national parks without hiking, these ideas are sure to help you get started! You don’t have to hike to go to a national park; in fact, many of them have plenty to do that doesn’t involve hiking.

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