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6 Beautiful National Parks To Visit In Summer

6 Beautiful National Parks to Visit in Summer

Warmer weather is a great time to get out and explore. These are some of the best and most beautiful National Parks To Visit In Summer!

With beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings, a visit to a national park is the perfect way to spend your summer days. But with so many national parks to choose from across the country, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. Most national parks have seasonal attractions that make them more appealing during different times of the year.

If you’re hoping to visit a national park this summer, you’re in luck. These six beautiful national parks are the perfect choice for your summer trip.

national parks to visit in summer

Crater Lake National Park

If you’re hoping to escape the summer heat while also enjoying some amazing natural scenery, there’s no better choice than Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the country. It offers some of the clearest, bluest water you’ll find in the US. The five-mile lake also offers unobstructed views of up to 100 miles. That means you’ll have an amazing view of the vast cliffs surrounding the lake.

In addition to the beautiful water, Crater Lake National Park is also home to a variety of amazing hiking trails. With 100 miles of trails, you’ll never run out of places to hike at this National Park. And the best part about hiking in Crater Lake is the weather! The temperatures remain very mild throughout the summer season, so you may not even break a sweat as you walk through the beautiful landscape.

crater lake national park

Everglades National Park

With 1.5 million acres of wetlands, this massive National Park located in Florida is a great option for water lovers this summer. In addition to coastal mangroves and marshes, you can also find a variety of pine flatwoods throughout the Everglades, making it great for hikers, too.

There are a variety of ways to explore the Everglades on your summer trip, and one of the best is through a guided tour. Whether you enjoy a tram tour or a car caravan, you’re sure to spot a variety of amazing animals on your trip, including alligators and beautiful wading birds.

everglades national park

Mammoth Cave National Park

Another great option for escaping the summer heat is a visit to Mammoth Cave National Park in south-central Kentucky. This amazing national park is home to more than 400 miles of caves. In fact, it’s the longest known cave in the country. There are several ways your family can enjoy their stay at this national park. Mammoth Caves have three developed campgrounds, primitive camp sites, and a comfortable lodge with cottages and cabins.

Get the most out of your family’s visit to Mammoth Cave by enjoying a cave tour. Through these tours, you can get a glimpse of gypsum formations, cave writing, and the natural beauty of the cave system. In addition to cave viewing, Mammoth Cave is also home to a variety of other fun outdoor activities, including hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, and fishing.

Yosemite National Park

This iconic California park is another wonderful option for your summer trip. Known for its majestic waterfalls, ancient giant sequoias, and beautiful granite cliffs, there’s no shortage of amazing scenery at Yosemite National Park. The park spans nearly 1,200 square miles and features everything from sprawling valleys and meadows to plummeting mountain peaks. In addition to the beautiful landscape, your family an also enjoy some fun at Yosemite Village, which features shops, restaurants, a museum, and an art gallery.

yosemite national park

Grand Canyon National Park

The majestic beauty of Grand Canyon National Park is something everyone should take in at least once in their lifetime. Why not give your family a chance to see the massive 10-mile wide canyon for themselves this summer? The Grand Canyon was formed through soft red rocks where the Colorado cut through the layers of stone over the years.

The beautiful patters and colors that appear throughout the rock formation is a sight to be seen. There are a variety of ways to enjoy the Grand Canyon, including exploring the park’s south rim, biking through a section of the canyon, or walking the Trail of Time.

grand canyon

Shenandoah National Park

While Shenandoah National Park is located just an hour outside Washington DC, it seems as if it’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of our nation’s capital. A trip to Shenandoah will give your family an opportunity to view a variety of amazing wildlife in their natural surroundings, including black gears, deer, and wild turkeys. This beautiful forest park also offers visitors more than 500 miles of hiking trails.

Your family can spend their days fishing in the cool mountain streams. Or you can hike 101 miles of the Appalachian Trail, or bike on Skyline Drive. Then, at night enjoy the great outdoors with some backcountry camping and view the amazing night sky filled with stars. The park is also home to a variety of educational exhibits for your family to enjoy, including Rapidan Camp, the former summer retreat of Present Herbert Hoover.

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