Best National Parks for Families

Best National Parks for Families

If you have kids you have to introduce them to our list of the best National Parks for Families. These parks are truly amazing and family friendly!

We love visiting national parks! It’s a great way to explore the natural wonders of the United States and take in some scenic views simultaneously. However, seeing them with kids is a whole different story. Not every park has activities that kids will enjoy, and sometimes a scenic view isn’t enough for kids! If you’re looking for the best national parks for families, here is a list to help you get started!

national parks for families


Acadia National Park is one of the most well-known parks and is beautiful to see! The glaciers along the mountains, the breathtaking ponds and streams, and a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean from the beach are enough to visit. This park has over 40 miles of carriage roads, perfect for hiking and cycling, and there are so many beautiful views to take in here! You can even go camping or stay at Bar Harbor for the night.

Acadia National Park

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Olympic National Park

There is so much to see at this park situated in the Pacific Northwest. Hike to Marymere Falls or Sol Duc Falls. Drive up to Hurricane Ridge and try to catch a marmut feasting on vegetation.

Olympic National Park

Go tidepooling at Ruby Beach and see anenomes and bright purple and orange starfish while you and your kids scramble over the massive amounts of driftwood. And be mesmerized by the moss covered trees in the Hoh Rainforest.

Olympic National Park


Denali National Park is one of the largest national parks with the highest mountain peak in North America. There are loads of family friendly activities at Denali. See the Sleg Dog Demonstration and pet the sled dogs afterwards. Take the park bus to the interior of the park (there are various bus tour lengths) and see amazing wildlife (bears, goats, moose, beavers– there is so much wildlife to see!). And don’t forget to visit the Denali Visitor Center!

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Yellowstone is home to more than 500 different geysers, four dozen waterfalls, and steam vents that your kids will love seeing! The animals come right up to you here, and you’ll find around 400 animal species which call this park home! There is even a drive-by spotting area so you can take in the scenery and animals without having to hike!

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This national park is beautiful, and the granite cliffs and varied landscapes are enough to take in without anything else. After all, how many places can you visit with a 200-foot-high sequoia to get a picture in front of! This park is densely packed with trees, and there are so pretty cool activities for kids too! Your kids can become a Junior Ranger or Little Cub (depending on their age), where they will get a special booklet to complete on their visit!

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As you can see, there are plenty of national parks that would be perfect for families! However, the right fit for your family will depend on what your family likes to do. A hiking trail filled national park isn’t going to be as appealing to a family who hates hiking! Hopefully, this list will help you find the perfect fit to start exploring some national parks!

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