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The Best National Parks To Avoid Crowds

The Best National Parks To Avoid Crowds

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors but hate loads of people, check out our list of the Best National Parks to Avoid Crowds

National parks can get a bit crowded. While they are still worth the visit to see some fantastic sites like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, you might want to think about going somewhere else. There are so many great national parks out there that have fewer crowds, or rarely anyone! Here are the best national parks to avoid crowds.

best national parks to avoid crowds

Voyageurs National Park

If stunning waterscapes are what you’re after, then you can find those at Voyageurs national park without a lot fewer people! Located in Minnesota, this park has many of the same features as Acadia national park but without all the crowds!


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Lake Clark National Park And Reserve

If you’re looking for a magnificent park in Alaska, Denali is likely to come to mind. However, Lake Clark still has fantastic views of wilderness and even volcanos that will rival Denali any day!

Lake Clark National Park

Indiana Dunes National Park

Indiana Dunes is one of the newer national parks, and because it’s south of Chicago, it’s one of the lesser-known ones. This lush national park has beautiful dunes and a diverse landscape, making this an excellent park off the beaten path.

Indiana Dunes National Park

Congaree National Park

Located in South Carolina, Congaree has one of the most expansive and largest hardwood forests in the southeast! You’ll find marshes and also creeks that you can easily canoe or kayak through.

Congaree national park

Dry Tortugas National Park

If you are looking for more solitude than you’ll find in Biscayne, consider heading the other way toward Dry Tortugas. While still located in the Florida keys, it is a lot less crowded!

dry tortugas national park

North Cascades National Park

Located north of the Seattle area, North Cascades National Park gets very few visitors throughout the year. Most people tend to visit Mount Rainier National Park but this park is big on sweeping mountain vistas, incredibly gorgeous lakes, and family friendly hikes. The road through the park is only open a few months of the year, but if you time your visit right, you will be treated to unspoiled natural beauty without the crowds!

north cascades national park

Virgin Islands National Park

Irma and Maria, the Virgin Islands national park, don’t get nearly as many visitors as other competing parks after hurricanes. However, during the offseason, you’ll find that this national park is scarce and a great getaway while you’re in the area.

virgin islands national park

Wrangell-St Elias National Park and Preserve

Another great option to avoid the crowds at Denali is Wrangell-St Elias. You’ll find miles of wilderness and mountains as well as glacial rivers and ice fields. This is one of the largest national parks, and the wilderness is protected here.

wrangell st elias national park

Saguaro National Park

Joshua Tree is a magnificent national park, but Saguaro is a great alternative! The indigenous people of this desert considered the saguaro cactus bears to be sacred as they helped them survive through the droughts. This historical site has so much history and is a great park to visit.

saguaro national park

Manassas National Battlefield Park

A great alternative to Gettysburg is Manassas battlefield park. This hidden gem is off the beaten path and rarely gets the attention that Gettysburg does! This park is home to some pretty important battles during the civil war and the first battle of Bull Run.

manassas national battlefield

If you still want to visit a national park without having to deal with large crowds, any of these are great options! Many of these parks are great alternatives to some of the more crowded ones, so you can still see all the sites without having to deal with crowds.

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