10 Best Bedtime Stories You Must Introduce Your Kids To

10 Best Bedtime Stories You Must Introduce Your Kids To

Bedtime stories are an excellent way to bond with your kids before bed! We love these bedtime stories you must introduce your kids to!

Bedtime stories are a tale as old as time. For as long as moms have been tucking in their kids at night, there have been fairy tales and bedtime stories to tell them. Bedtime stories are an excellent way to bond with your kids before bed and create special memories that they will someday pass along to their own kids. So if you are looking for some great bedtime stories, here are the best bedtime stories you must introduce your kids to.

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A Book of Sleep

Join the owl on his nighttime journey as he watches the other animals settle in for the night. Then, while each animal goes to sleep in its own way, your little ones will drift off to sleep.



Bedtime Classics: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

This version of Alice in Wonderland is simplified to make an incredible bedtime story! This perfect one-minute story will tell the story of Alice as she enters into the magical world of Wonderland.



Goodnight Moon

This classic children’s story is a book full of quiet poetry and gentle words and illustrations to help your little ones fall asleep.



Hush Little Ones

This is the perfect bedtime story for parents with little ones. Each animal in this book is in its natural setting, as each baby animal is tucked into bed by its parents.



Night Night, Jungle

As the moon rises over the jungle, the animals of the jungle head to bed for a good night’s rest. This board book is perfect for your little ones to read along to as they get tucked in for the night.



Sleep, My Bunny

From the creator of Max and Ruby, you’ll find this lullaby the perfect telling of simple narrative and nature’s rhymes as this bedtime read-aloud provides the ideal setting for your small children to fall asleep.



The Going to Bed Book

Get ready for sleep and follow along as this story tells the tale of a silly group of animals and how they get ready for a good night’s sleep.



The House in the Night

Your children will love naming all the different things around the house at night. This book brings all the nighttime world to your child’s bedroom in this fun and interactive story before bed.



The Quiet Book

In this book, your children will learn that not all quiet is equal. This tale of quiet animals is a beautiful book to read to your kids before they fall asleep at night.



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This book takes the classic lullaby to a real story with characters and pictures. Follow along as a curious chipmunk leaves his nest as he goes on a dreamlike quest for the stars.


As you can see, there are so many great bedtime stories out there! These stories are not only a great way to help your kids sleep better at night but give them a chance to have one-on-one time with you right before they fall asleep. These books are perfect for kids of all ages and will make bedtime more exciting for your kids.

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