The Secret To Booking Cheap Flights

The Secret To Booking Cheap Flights

Needing to save money on airline tickets? This post has great tips and the best secret to booking cheap flights! 

You may have noticed your friends or family flying everywhere they go. Well, they don’t have a ton of money. They are likely using some of these secrets to booking cheap flights! If you are looking to save money on your next flight, here is the secret to booking cheap flights!

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How to get cheap flights

Book at the last minute or far in advance

Waiting until the last minute or booking very far out can give you the best prices. The day of the week can play a factor in your price, but not as much as when you book! If you are traveling during a popular time, don’t wait until the last minute, or you could end up without a flight.  If you are really flexible about your seating arrangement and don’t mind potentially missing your opportunity, then go for it!

Fly out early or late at night

While nobody wants to catch a flight that leaves at 5:45 am, these are going to be the cheapest flights! Since the airlines know that nobody wants to be on those planes, they drop the price to try to sell seats. Another option is a late-night flight. If you don’t mind flying late at night or on red-eye, consider a late-night flight instead. If you are flying free at a place like Hawaii or cross country, this won’t be the case, so keep that in mind while booking.

Take a long layover

Direct flights will always be more expensive than a long layover flight. If you have some time to spare, consider booking a flight that has a long layover. While waiting in an airport for three hours isn’t ideal, it could save you hundreds on your next flight! If you want, try and plan for a sit-down meal while you wait or even get some work done! Sometimes the opposite will be true, and the layover with only 30 minutes will be the cheaper option. Make sure you price compare before you book to make sure you get the best deal.

Take the voucher

Flights overbook all the time, and while you can’t guarantee this, you can take advantage of them! Take the voucher if they offer one, and you could end up getting your flight for WAY less than you paid or even free! Flights offer vouchers to try and get you off that flight, so depending on how badly they need someone, the offer gets pretty good! Some flights even have the option for a hotel stay too to fly the next morning. This means you can take advantage of a free flight to your destination down the line instead of paying full price!

Use Your Credit Card Miles

Many people forget that if you have a credit card that gives you points (and most of them do now), after a while of buying groceries and countless Amazon packages, you can actually build up enough credit to purchase airplane tickets… to pretty much anywhere! 

We have used credit card miles to completely pay for trips to Germany, Alaska, and the other side of the country. Trust me, this is a great way to save a lot (or all) on your airfare!

Final Thoughts

I’m sure you’ve noticed a bit of a trend in all these tips, and that’s because the real secret to booking cheap flights is to be flexible! The more flexible you are about your travel arrangements and where you go, the cheaper your flight will be!

Hopefully, these tips have helped you find a few cheap flights near you to help you get wherever you are going!

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