How to Make Time for Self Care as a Busy Mom

How to Make Time for Self Care as a Busy Mom

Are you too busy for self care? Nah.. you really aren’t. Here is how you can make time for self care as a busy mom.

As a busy mom, self-care is usually the last thing on our minds. With an ever-growing to-do list to get through, a family to care for, and making sure we’re at least put together each day, the busy mom job never takes a break. Making time for self-care is so important, and can lead to burnout if you choose to skip it. No matter how busy you are, you can still make time for self-care! Here is how to make time for self-care, even as a busy mom!

self care as a busy mom

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Get up before your kids

When your kids are running around your house, it’s hard to do meditation or any self-care related activity. Finding the time to get in some “me” time is impossible when the kids are awake. The secret to finding the kid-free time? Get up before your kids! When everyone else is asleep, enjoy a quiet house and get some self-care time in before the kids wake up.

Indulge during your little pockets of time

You might tell yourself that you don’t have time for a small treat, or even time to read a book! The secret is to find little pockets of time to get things done for yourself! You can certainly finish a donut in the car rider line before you get to your kids, or even add some aromatherapy to your next shower! Use those pockets of time to make the most of what you have to work with and do what you can.

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Add self-care tasks into your day

If you love to read but never find the time, start listening to audio books while you clean or are waiting for your kids at soccer practice. If you like to cook, use your Sunday nights to prep meals for the week and flex your creative muscles. You don’t have to go crazy with self-care activities, but there are a lot of simple tasks you can add to your day!

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Give yourself the night off from cooking

This doesn’t mean saying call the pizza guy because self care every day. However, it is okay to give yourself the night off from cooking every now and then. Have Dad make something on the grill, or throw some frozen pizzas in the oven and call it good. Eat of paper plates for easy cleanup and enjoy a night of not having to cook!

Focus on just a few things at a time

Multitasking has become a staple of mom life, but it can sometimes end up making us burnt out in the first place. Doing too much at once is how we get burnt out after all! Instead, focus on just a few tasks at a time. You might be surprised to find that your problem was overscheduling yourself. This is like giving yourself a break with no extra effort!

self care bad day

You don’t have to have hours of free time to make time for self-care! These tips will help you make time, no matter how busy you are!

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