How to Start Hiking More Often When You Don’t Live in the Wilderness

How to Start Hiking More Often When You Don’t Live in the Wilderness

Hiking is a healthy and fun way to get outside, but it doesn’t have to be in the woods! Here are some great tips on how to start hiking more often when you don’t live in the wilderness!

Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and to be at one with nature, even if it’s just for a little while. Whether you live in a big city, on the coast, or just don’t live near the woods, that doesn’t mean that hiking can’t be an excellent hobby for you to dive into. Here is a guide to getting started and how to hike more if you don’t live in the woods.

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Research trails in your area

Nearly every city has a hiking trail of some sort nearby. It might be at a state park or just a local hiking trail that anyone can get to. You may be shocked to find just how many places there are to hike nearby. Once you know what hiking trails are near you, find the ones closest to where you live or even where you work.

Make a plan to take a hike

When it comes to hiking more, you have to plan to hike more if you want to hike. After finding trails near you, take the time to schedule hikes in your weekly schedule. It can be after work or on your lunch break if there is a trail nearby. It could be on the weekends after a day spent preparing at home.

Start by picking easy hiking trails and day hikes

If you don’t hike very often, then you might be a little blindsided by just how hard some of these hiking trails can be. Start by choosing hikes that are designed for beginners or easier hikes. Make sure these can be done in a day and that it doesn’t take a lot of time to do. Gradually over time, work your way up to the bigger hikes. Just because you can walk a mile on the treadmill in under 30 minutes doesn’t mean that you can hike in that same amount of time. Hiking will take longer than you expect, so start with something easy so you can ensure you can make the hike.

Not all hikes are done in the woods

When we think of hiking, there are usually images of trees all around and something like a mountain range in the distance. However, some hiking trails can be found on our incredible coasts or flatlands! There are plenty of trails that never touch the woods but might not be as popular. Just because you don’t live in the woods or even near one doesn’t mean that there isn’t a trail waiting for you to explore it!

Find a group or club to hike with

Many hikers prefer to go in a group or with others for safety and a fun experience. Check out your local community and see if there are a group of people or clubs who regularly go on hikes. Sometimes, having others’ commitment can help you stick to those hikes because others are counting on you to be there.

You don’t have to live in the woods or anywhere near it to start hiking more often! There are plenty of trails nearby; you might just have to do a little more research to find them!


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