Hang On and Persevere

This too shall pass. It is what it is. Everything happens for a reason. These are all phrases I have said to myself or others quite a bit lately. You see, things are just not going well in my life right now. There has been too much death, too much grieving, too much pain. And yet, the trials I face are nothing compared to the trials faced by many in this world on a near constant basis. My trials are those of a sheltered, privileged, American. Does that mean they aren’t worthy of mourning? Does that mean I shouldn’t feel downtrodden? Well, no. Bad is bad… and bad news impacts every human on this planet. However, as a Christian, I know that God has a plan for my life…and that even the trials I face now can have a purpose in bringing me closer to God and His will for my life. Read on for more thoughts on this week’s Sunshine for Your Week.

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Sunshine for Your Week: Hang On and Persevere

So, what do you do when things aren’t going well? Hang on. Persevere. One of my favorite songs from my favorite band (Pink Martini) puts it this way:

From ‘Hang on Little Tomato’

You gotta hold on, hold on through the night
Hang on, things will be all right
Even when it’s dark
And not a bit of sparkling
Sing-song sunshine from above
Spreading rays of sunny love

Just hang on, hang on to the vine
Stay on, soon you’ll be divine
If you start to cry, look up to the sky
Something’s coming up ahead
To turn your tears to dew instead

And so I hold on to his advice
When change is hard and not so nice
If you listen to your heart the whole night through
Your sunny someday will come one day soon to you.

YouTube video

So, yeah… hang on. Persevere. Don’t lose your faith. Today might be bad… but if you can make it through this trial, you will be stronger, more resilient, more empathetic, …better. These trials may not be what I would have chosen, but I can choose to face them with the perspective of someone who is putting her faith in God. That choice is bound to cause the corners of my mouth to curl up a little. How about you?

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  1. So often when trials come, I think of the Apostle Paul. There he was, in prison….mostly alone, except for his captors. Where was his family? Never mentioned. Where were those of his Jewish faith? Well, he had left that for a better covenant. In fact, they were mostly the source of his struggles. He had spent a great deal of life, his early formative years, defending a faith that needed to be replaced by a better faith in God and His Son. He came to realize that was God’s eternal plan for Redemption of mankind. Where was the solace from his fellow Christians? They tried to give it as best they could, often silent, often distant, but nevertheless there.

    So what did Paul do while incarcerated for being a Christian? He wrote! He penned letter after letter to churches that he had established, to anyone who might read his great words of encouragement. He did NOT sit in his cell, often chained to a cold wall, and have a pity party. He did as you suggested, Sara. He looked out from himself and ministered to others rather than looking to be ministered to. The Holy Spirit of God used Paul’s pen to write some of the strongest and most encouraging words, inspired words, that we have in the Bible, God’s Holy Word.

    Using Paul as a model to see me through this life’s struggles is truly encouraging. I love that, even in your day-to-day needs, you turn to our Father who gives blessings deeper and purer than anything this world has to offer.