Adorable Apple Button Crafts for Kids

Sometimes the simplest crafts are super fun and totally adorable. Sweet Pea and I had a great time making these apple button crafts for kids recently. It didn’t occur to me until we were actually creating them that this is not just a craft project, but also a spatial puzzle perfect for a 2 or 3 year old (or older even). It was fun trying to figure out where to put the buttons so they all fit onto the wood circle. And honestly, they turned out so cute! Read on to see how we made them!

apple button crafts for kids

Apple Button Crafts for Kids

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What You Will Need

apple button crafts for kids

How to Make the Apples

  • Note: You may want to paint the wood circles red before sticking the buttons on. We didn’t do that and I kind of wish I had. If you decide to paint the circles, I would recommend using acrylic paint over tempura paint. Alternatively, you could dye your glue red.
  • Apply a thick layer of craft glue to the surface of the wood circle cutouts

apple button crafts for kids

  • Let your child arrange the buttons on the circles. This is pretty fun. It is kind of like a puzzle to figure out which buttons will fit in the space available. You may need to assist your kid. Tip: Start sticking on the buttons in the middle of the circle first and then work your way to the edges.

apple button crafts for kids

  • Let the button circles dry.
  • If you didn’t paint the wood circle red, or you didn’t dye your glue red, you may want to use the red sharpie to color in the spaces between the buttons so that the apples look more like apples.

apple button crafts for kids

  • Cut the ends off of a green foam craft stick (1 stick per apple). Glue the cut off ends together to form a pair of wings, or a ‘Y’, or whatever shape you think this is.

apple button crafts for kids

  • Cut a 2-3″ piece of brown pipe cleaner and bend it on itself.
  • Use the glue gun to stick the apple stem to the back of the wood circle. Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the top of the apple. Stick on the brown stem. Then apply more hot glue over the brown stem before pressing the green leaves into the glue.

apple button crafts for kids

This is a super simple craft but I really like it because the apples are just plain cute! You could use the apples for decoration, for play, you could turn them into magnets. Whatever you like really.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by Sunshine Whispers and I hope that if the prospect of making an apple pie from scratch is too daunting for you, this craft will be right up your alley. Your kids are sure to love it.

Thanks so much for reading!

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