Cultivate Growth Mindset In Your Kids

Cultivate Growth Mindset in your kids

Start your kids off on the right track by giving them the growth mindset they’ll need to succeed! Here are easy ways to cultivate growth mindset in your kids!

Developing the right kind of mindset early on is important for living a happy, successful life. When our kids learn that putting forth effort and using the right strategies can help them get better at things, they try harder and feel empowered.

Children with a growth mindset are more confident, resilient and aren’t as afraid to fail. You may be wondering how you can teach this simple yet powerful concept to your little ones. I’m going to show you how! Here is how to cultivate a growth mindset for your kids.

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Model a growth mindset

Modeling a growth mindset can make a huge difference between your child living it and understanding the concept. A helpful way to model this is by letting your child see your growth mindset put into action! You can share your feelings, discuss your experiences with them, etc. Remember that one of the best ways to teach your children a growth mindset is working on your own. Let your children hear your thoughts out loud when you are going through challenges by saying things like, “this is hard for me, but I better keep at it.”

Teach your children the importance of failure

One major part of a growth mindset is understanding that failing at something doesn’t keep you from improving on it and learning from your mistakes. It’s important that your kids learn that these setbacks provide you with helpful insight to move forward. Teach them to ask for help or guidance when they fail to learn how to do it right in the future. This will teach them to be resilient and learn that failure isn’t going to be the end of the world for them.

Praise effort over outcome

A key to instilling a growth mindset is teaching your kids that hard work and persistence are the real winners. It doesn’t matter what you could accomplish nearly as much as the effort you put into it. For example, instead of praising them for solving a problem, praise them for putting in the hard work of solving the problem. These will have lasting impacts on your kids beyond praise, such as “you’re so smart.” Try and think about what you are praising your child for before you praise them.

Share examples of growth mindset

It’s important to teach your kids about a growth mindset and teach them about fixed mindsets. Being able to recognize them in situations, others, and even in themselves is important. However, younger kids might have an easier time seeing them in story characters or in their favorite TV shows. Find ways to share examples of both fixed and growth mindsets with your kids by finding a medium that works well for them.

Teaching your kids to have a growth mindset isn’t always that simple. Some things come with time and experience, like praising effort over the outcome, but sometimes seeing examples and learning how to apply these growth strategies can be just what your child needs to develop a growth mindset.

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