The 25+ Best Places to see Sunflower Fields in Maryland and Northern Virginia (updated and expanded for 2023!)

These are the best (and happiest) places to see sunflower fields in Maryland and Northern Virginia! (updated and expanded for 2023 to include some spots in Southern PA as well!)

Ahhhh, sunflowers.

There is something about sunflowers that just makes you smile, right? Maybe it is their bright, happy yellow-orange faces preening in the sunshine. Maybe it’s the fat bumble bees getting drunk on the nectar.

Perhaps it is because sunflowers represent the transition from the sunny, lazy days of summer to the crisp, mellow harvest time of the year. Regardless, sunflowers are just so happy.

Of course, it is always helpful to know where and when to see sunflowers at peak bloom. I have researched this topic thoroughly and below are your best bets for enjoying these glorious yellow smiley faces this year! These are the best sunflower fields in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area

These sunflowers are planted in multiple fields and cover an area of over 40 acres. The sunflower fields are primarily planted to attract birds (especially mourning doves) for hunting purposes, but apparently there is no danger from hunters during peak bloom. Here are some more details:

  • The sunflower peak bloom will typically be mid-late late July. You can check out the website to see recent photos of the field. Peak bloom in is typically projected to be early to mid-July. Based on bloom reports from previous years, your best bet to see sunflowers in peak bloom would be the week after the 4th of July.
  • You are not allowed to pick these sunflowers since this is a nature preserve. Also, in years past apparently there have been issues with the sunflower being trampled. So, please just be respectful of the wildlife when you visit!

Address and Directions

  • The address/directions for the fields is: Sycamore Landing Rd., Poolesville, MD 20837. This isn’t exactly an address you can plug into GPS, so here are better directions:
    • (copied from the website) “From the Capital Beltway, take Exit 39 (River Road) west toward Potomac. Proceed for approximately 11 miles to the intersection of River Road and MD 112, Seneca Road. Turn left and continue on River Road for about 2 1/2 miles. McKee-Beshers will be on your left as you head west on River Road.”
    • New for 2021! They actually provide the exact GPS coordinates for their sunflower fields! Check them out here:
      • #1: 39.075688, -77.402296
      • #2: 39.079172, -77.388253
      • #3: 39.075627, -77.380313
      • #4: 39.075504, -77.422652​
    • There are multiple sunflower fields, so if the field you see isn’t in full bloom yet, drive down River Road towards DC. One of the other fields could be in full bloom already.
    • A few warnings:
      • There are lots of bees. As in, lots of bees. The good news is that they are the lazy, happy bumble bees that are really only concerned with the sunflowers. The bad news is there are lots of bees.
      • Bring insect repellent. This is the great outdoors, which means great potential for lots of mosquitoes too.
      • If it has been raining, the fields will likely be wet.
  • Many photographers bring a step-stool because some of the sunflowers stand 6′ tall!
  • I have read a few reviews and most photographers say sunrise or late afternoon/early evening are the best times to photograph the sunflowers.

Goldpetal Farms- The Best Sunflower Mazes in Southern Maryland

Who would have thought that Southern Maryland would be home to the most amazing (see the pun there) Sunflower Mazes in Maryland? Not only that? They actually hold 2-3 distinct sunflower mazes each year!

We visited a few years ago and I was super impressed. You can pick the easy maze (which I did because it was topping 100 degrees outside and my 5 year old was not happy about that) or a more challenging maze. 

Just like with corn mazes in the fall, the farmers at Gold Petal Farms take great care to choose the coolest designs. Check out our in-depth Goldpetal Farms guide!

Don’t worry about the bees or the sun too much. You can apply bug spray in the barn before heading out and there is a shaded seating area halfway through the maze. Still– bring plenty of water, wear hats, and apply that sunscreen. 

After you finish enjoy a snack in the shade and play a game of corn hole. This is great family fun and totally worth the drive from other parts of Maryland. 

  • The 2-3 sunflower mazes are staggered in order to extend the sunflower happiness over more of the summer. The first maze opens in late June and the second maze typically opens about a month later and so on.
  • Location: TBD
  • The Maze is free for kids age 6 and below and $15 for adults and kids 7 and over. There are discounts for military families and groups. 
  • You can also pick your own sunflowers! They are $1 a stem plus admission cost. 
  • Here is the Goldpetal Farm website and Facebook page

The Sunflower Garden

The Sunflower Garden in Westminster, MD is just about the perfect place for picking your dose of happy, as well as awesome photo opportunities. Here are some of the reasons why folks love visiting year after year:

  • At peak bloom sunflowers line both sides of the long driveway to the gardens. Peak bloom is typically the late August. However, the gardens open for picking in early July and picking season lasts until mid-September (as long as there are flowers to pick!).
  • A bunch of sunflowers will set you back $12, which apparently is the same price as it was 18 years ago when the Sunflower Garden opened its fields for picking.
  • The owners have a reputation for being the nicest people around. They are very helpful and find cute photo props to enhance your sunflower photo taking experience.
  • You can feed chickens, pet the bunny rabbit, and buy fresh veggies from the veggie stand while you are there.
  • The Sunflower Garden is located at: 2390 Manchester Rd, Westminster, MD 21157
  • Here is the Google Map link:

Rocky Point Creamery

Yep, you read that right. Sunflowers and ice cream. I think I might just die and go to heaven with that combination! Every July and August, the Rocky Point Creamery, located just outside Frederick, MD, hosts a pick-your-own sunflower field, with all the proceeds from the sunflower sales going to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. How cool is that? 

If you want to pick your happy and make your mouth happy too, check out these details:

  • Based on last year’s photos, peak bloom runs from the last week of July through mid-August.
  • I didn’t see information on the website for how much it will set you back to pick sunflowers, but after a little digging I discovered a price quote of $1 per stem. This information is a little dated, but I can’t imagine it has changed much.
  • Um, did I mention that the sunflowers are not the star of the show? Nope– you better plan on stopping for some of that ice cream! Rocky Point Creamery is part of the Maryland Ice Cream Trail. So, you know this is the good stuff.
  • I am not sure if they are out all season, but apparently you can visit the Holstein cows, whose milk is used to make the ice cream. Talk about farm to table (or whatever that is called).
  • Here is their address: 4323A Tuscarora Road; Tuscarora, MD 21790
  • Here is the Google Map link:
  • They are open from 1130AM-830PM every day except Mondays. They are closed on Mondays.

Burnside Farms

The one Virginia-based sunflower field on this list is completely amazing. Burnside Farms really knows how to do pick-your-own flowers. In the spring, they are famous for their tulips and daffodils. However, come mid-July, Burnside Farms transforms into one of the most happy places in the region.

Their Summer of Sunflowers is a fantastic place to pick up some sunflowers, and take amazing photos. Also, in 2018 Burnside Farms added a sunflower maze.. because, you know… picking sunflowers wasn’t awesome enough! (side note: I am totally in love with the entire concept of a sunflower maze. Just sayin’!)

We visited last year and you can read my in-depth review of their sunflower fields by clicking here (or on the photo below). 

Note: The sunflower field address changes every year so visit their website or Facebook page for the most up to date address.

Broom’s Bloom Dairy

Wait a second. What?! There are multiple creameries in Maryland that also feature a sunflower field? Oh my– I have died and gone to heaven!

Broom’s Bloom Creamery is no joke. Located in Harford County, their ice cream was rated as the 5th best in the nation (!!!) by Trip Advisor. They are also consistently rated as the top ice cream shoppe in Harford County.

Sunflowers and ice cream!

They also happen to have sunflowers. Eep!

Apparently, the owner planted this sunflower field for his wife.. because she likes sunflowers. Sooooo romantic!

I have not visited this sunflower field yet but based on past years, it seems that late August to early September are the best times to go see sunflowers (and eat ice cream!).

Broom’s Bloom is always closed on Mondays. Their address is: 1700 South Fountain Green Road in Bel Air, Maryland.

Check their Facebook page for the latest details on when the sunflowers are in peak bloom. Here is a link to their website: and google map directions to the Bel Air location.

Misty Meadows Creamery

One more contender in the ice cream and sunflowers category (yes, there are three of them!) is Misty Meadow Farm Creamery in Smithburg, MD. This creamery is just on the other side of the Pennsylvania border and in addition to great ice cream (it’s on the ice cream trail), they offer plenty of fun activities for kids like animal close-ups and a play area.

They also have a sunflower field. Yippee!

We stumbled upon this lovely sunflower field last July. It was just getting started with peak bloom and it was a perfect combination– sunflowers and ice cream. Summer perfection!

Here is a link to their website:

And Google Map directions to the creamery!

Emily’s Produce

This fantastic family run farm in Cambridge, MD has a lot to offer from pick your own fruit and flowers to grass fed beef. In the late summer/early fall they also have pick your own sunflower fields and (I think) a small sunflower maze. How fun is that?

Here is the website for Emily’s Produce for more information.

Clear Meadow Farms

This sunflower field may be one of the nicest in the area. Clear Meadow Farms in Jarrettsville, MD (odd years) and Monkton, MD (even years) is easily accessible from the road, and perfect for gorgeous photos of endless sunflower fields. This is not a pick-your-own field. Sunflowers will eventually be harvested for their seeds. However, there are two things that make this sunflower field unique:

Details for when the sunflower fields are in bloom:

  • Peak bloom is much later than the other sunflower fields in Maryland and Virginia, usually at the beginning to mid-September.
  • These sunflowers are much shorter than some of the other varieties you will encounter (most notably at McKee Beshers WMA). The nice thing about that is you can easily get great photos with your kids.
  • Pre-COVID, the sunflower fields rotated every other year. Both sunflower field locations are amazingly gorgeous, but the location on even years is completely iconic (the fields are larger). Post-COVID there appears to be one field and the sunflower event has turned into a more formal community and charity event.. which is awesome!
  • Follow their Facebook page for all the details!
  • Here is the Google Map link to the most recent fields:

If you would like to read my in-depth review of Clear Meadow Farms, along with a surprising sweet side trip idea, click here (or click on the photo below).

Valley View Acres

This fantastic farm in Middletown, MD devotes 5 acres of their farm to a fantastic sunflower field! They also plant wildflowers and visitors can pick flowers to take home! 2023 will be the 5th year of their sunflower festival!

The festival runs in mid-August so you can expect sunflowers will be in peak bloom around then. You can check out their Facebook page for latest updates. Here is a link to the Google map directions

Butler’s Orchard

Butler’s Orchard in Germantown, MD a fantastic destination for many, many reasons. We always love to visit for their Pumpkin Festival in the fall and Bunnyland in the Spring. 

They are an orchard and working farm though, and in addition to tons of pick your own opportunities, Butler’s Orchard also has a lovely sunflower field. The sunflowers are planted a little later than some of the other fields around, so the flowers are in peak bloom in mid to late August. They have pick your own sunflowers through the fall season. So, you could literally enjoy pumpkin picking and sunflower fields at the same time!

Click here for directions to Butler’s Orchard.

Lockbriar Farms

Located in Chestertown, MD, Lockbriar Farms offers everything you could possibly want from a family friendly farm. Their specialties are pick your own fruits and veggies, and an amazing ice cream barn. However, don’t forget to check out their pick our own sunflowers in late summer/early fall as well!

Click here for directions. 

Gaver Farm

Gaver Farm in Mount Airy, MD puts on an amazing fall festival, pick your own apple orchard, and pumpkin patch! In recent years they have also added an amazing sunflower picking experience! It’s free to ride out to the fields and  sunflowers cost $2/bloom.

Plus they have a ton of fun photo props!

Click here for directions.

Clark’s Eliok Farm Sunflowers

We love Clark’s Elioak Farm for so many reasons. Now that they have added a lovely sunflower field, there are even more reasons to go with your kids! Here are the details: Their event is called ‘September Sunflowers Enchanted Hours’ and will run from late August through mid-September. During this time, the farm will be open until 7pm (nice!). So, pack a picnic and come out to see their lovely sunflowers (and get some photos of the Enchanted Forest too!).

Check out the details here. 

Sunflowers of Lisbon

The Sunflowers of Lisbon actually has two separate events at different locations! The Woodbine Sunflower Festival typically takes place in July! They will be open 9am-8pm Friday through Sunday and 11am-8pm Monday through Thursday. This Sunfire Festival will have live music, craft vendors and BBQ food truck on the weekends.

Then later on August 6th-31st they will open another sunflower field in the Maple Lawn area. Nice!

Click here for details!

Farm Heritage Conservancy Sunflower September

A great location for fall sunflowers in Southern Maryland. Their September Sunflowers kick off Labor Day weekend with a fun Sunflower Festival and then they will have the sunflower fields open (but no festival). Sounds perfect to me!

Check it out!

Clarksville Sunflower Market at Mary’s Land Farm!

This fantastic Sunflower Festival is held at Mary’s Land Farm in Ellicott City. The dates for the 2023 festival are in the month of August. For the weekend festival dates, there will be a wagon ride to and from your car, one pick-your-own sunflower, food trucks, live music, animal encounters, and more!

You can also opt for a weekday visit which includes unlimited walking in the sunflower field, taking photos, and one free pick-your-own sunflower in a bag with water. Bathrooms and farm store are open.

Check out more details here.

The Millers Farm

The Millers Farm in White Hall, MD offers a famous sunflower field and picking experience! These sunflowers typically bloom anytime from August through October! When the sunflowers are in bloom they offer hayrides, live music, sno-balls, food and beer trucks, and more!

Click here for more info!

Google Map Directions here!

Summers Farm Annual Sunflower Festival

This amazing Fall Festival location is started a Sunflower Festival a few years ago and it was awesome! Most (not all.. but most) of their fall festival attractions are open, but instead of picking pumpkins you can take the tractor ride out to the sunflower fields and pick all sorts of gorgeous sunflowers! The 2023 Sunflower Festival kicks off August 19th!

Check out the details here. 

Google Map Directions here!

Hopkins Farm Brewery

Hopkins Farm Brewery in Havre de Grace hosts special events on the farm throughout the year. Starting in 2022, those special events included some gorgeous sunflowers!

Check out all the details here.

Google Map directions

Stone View Farm

Another Harford County sunflower field situated on a super gorgeous farm! Stone View Farm in Darlington is gorgeous and they have so many fun activities for kids. Face painting, a farm themed playground, goats, special events, and more!

And in August they typically have a lovely pick-your-own sunflower field as well!

Click here for more info!

Google Map Directions

Bortner Rd. Sunflower Field in Upperco!

Address: 5517 Bortner Rd, Upperco, MD 21155 ( literally 1 min down the road from The Bus Stop and Sportsman’s Hall.

Pick your own sunflowers in late August. These sunflowers here are HUGE and cost $2 a stem while sunflowers last . There are cutters available. This is really just a simple sunflower picking field located right next to a main road so please use caution. There is a playground direct across the street with a pavilion if you want to make an afternoon of it!

Google Map Directions

Old Line Lavender Co.

We LOVED picking tulips at Old Line Lavender Co. They have pick your own flowers from the spring through fall. In mid-August their sunflower reach peak bloom for about 2-3 weeks and if you love lavender, you can pick some lavender at the same time!

Click here for more info!

Google Map Directions

Magnolia Meadows Farm

This fantastic fall festival in Frederick County has a gorgeous pick your own sunflower field! There are wildflowers and sunflowers for picking or just snapping photos!

There are tons of activities that would appeal to a broad range of age ranges… cow trains, slides, bay bale rollers, zip lines, bouncy pillows, and more!

Click here for more info!

Google Map Directions

Fantastic Sunflower Fields in Southern PA!

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Yep! The awesome and amazing Cherry Crest Adventure Farm (read my in-depth review here) now offers sunflower fields and sunflower picking! 

Handpick your own sunflowers in their 6 acre sunflower field. They plant over 20 varieties of sunflowers so you are sure to find the perfect bloom. Sold by the stem or bucket full. Flower fields are open August through October.

Google Map Directions here.

Maple Lawn Farms and the Pennsylvania Sunflower Festival

Not to be confused with the Maryland Maple Lawn Farms, this farm in PA is located just 10-15 minutes over the border into Pennsylvania. This is the same location as the Maize Quest Corn Maze.

From the website: “Each ticket includes a wagon ride to the field of sunflowers. Guests spend as much time taking pictures, exploring around the field, and reading informational signs as they like. Each ticket includes one ‘bloom’ or LIVE cut sunflower. Parking is FREE.”

This sunflower festival also offers lots of treats like ice cream, donuts, fudge, pies, and more! The Maple Lawn Winery will also be open and there will be food trucks and live music! 

2023 Sunflower Festival weekends will be August 4-6, 11-13, and 18-20!

Click here for more info!

Google Map Directions here!

Country Barn Sunflower Festival

This fantastic Sunflower Festival is in Lancaster, PA and is typically held weekends in August plus Labor Day weekend. Admission to the festival includes wagon rides, one cut your own sunflower stem (more available for purchase), live music, a corn maze, loads of animals, pedal carts, pig races, slides, and more!

Regular Admission (ages 3-64): $13
Barnyard Combo Admission: $15 (includes Regular Admission PLUS train ride)

Click here for more details!

Google Map Directions

Lesher Poultry Farm’s Sunflower Field

This amazing sunflower field in Chambersburg, PA is just absolutely amazing! It is quite possibly the largest sunflower field in the region. The location varies every year because the farm practices crop rotation. 

These sunflowers are at peak bloom typically late August through early September. Here is the other cool detail– once the flower fields are in peak bloom, they are FREE to see! If you want to pick sunflowers, the farm charges $1/stem.

Click here for their Sunflower Watch and announcement for the location!

Fields of Adventure

Fields of Adventure is located just North of Gettysburg in Aspers, PA. This family run fun farm offers great events in the Spring and Fall. And in the summer– the the weather cooperates– they also have sunflower fields!

In addition to sunflowers, the farm has tons of attractions like swings, rubber duck races, mazes, animals, and more!

Click here for more details.

Google Map Directions

Sunflower Fields That Have Closed in 2023

Alas, all good things must come to an end. The following sunflower locations have closed in 2023 because the business or organization closed:

  • Maryland Agricultural Resource Council (MARC): Closed in Fall 2022 and donated their facilities to Baltimore County
  • Kilby Cream: Permanently closed in Winter 2023. BUT a new ice cream shop will be opening summer 2023 with new owners!


When can you see sunflowers in Maryland?

The first sunflower fields typically reach peak bloom in June and sunflower season lasts throughout the summer and through September. There are typically at least a few sunflower fields still open in October.

Where are the most sunflowers?

Kansas is the state that has the most sunflower fields. However, Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic Region also have almost 30 fantastic sunflower field options.

What is the best month for sunflowers in Maryland?

July-September are the months when the most sunflower fields are at peak bloom.

Are sunflowers around in the fall?

YES! There are quite a few sunflowers in bloom in September and October.

How long do sunflower last when they bloom?

Once sunflowers bloom, they are typically in bloom for 2-3 weeks.

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