Creative Ways to Reveal a Surprise Disney World Trip

Creative Ways to Reveal a Surprise Disney World Trip

There are so many fun and creative ways to reveal a surprise Disney trip to your kids! Here are some great tips! 

While planning a trip and going to Disney can be fun in itself, one of the most underestimated parts of planning a trip to Disney is the moment that you tell your family you’re going. For kids that are big Disney fans, making that announcement more special can have such a fantastic effect on your entire trip. There are so many great ways to surprise your kids with a trip to Disney, so here are some creative ways to reveal a surprise Disney trip to your kids.

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First, decide when you will do your big reveal

When it comes to surprising your kids with a trip to Disney, the first thing you need to decide is when or how soon you want to tell them. Do you want them to be surprised as they head in the car or to the airport, or do you want to tell them before the trip? You have two options when determining when to announce to your kids. First, you can tell them before a trip, weeks or even months before the actual trip. The second is that you surprise them by either telling them when you’re on the way to Disney or heading there.

Surprise them with a Disney suitcase

A cute and creative way to surprise them is by filling a suitcase with everything they would need for a Disney trip. Some things to include that will help give this away would be some Disney shirts, Mickey ears, autograph books, and other park essentials that will help clue them in.


Unwrap a Disney gift or Disney clues

If you’re planning to give them a trip to Disney as part of a Christmas gift or maybe even a birthday gift, then let them open a present. Give them clues toward the trip, such as a stuffed Mickey Mouse, a Magic Band, or maybe a pair of new Mickey Ears.


Box up Disney Balloons

A fun way to surprise your kids with a trip is by getting a big box, filling it with custom balloons (or store-bought Disney balloons), and then having them open the box to announce your trip. You can even put a sign on a balloon that says something like, you’re going to Disney or write it on a card if the balloons don’t give it away.

Give a letter from Mickey himself

If you want to create something that they will cherish for a lifetime, you’ve got to try this! You Can find a printable option or get one on Etsy. You can find some Mickey-inspired fonts and make a letter with a box of Disney goodies and mail it to your kids! This is such an exciting way to feel like they are getting invited by Mickey himself to Disney.

Now that you have announced your trip to your kids, it’s time to start planning your trip! There are so many little details that come with planning a Disney vacation, so if you haven’t started already, make sure you do!

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