7 Reasons People Travel to California

7 Reasons People Travel to California

California is a popular tourist destination. Here’s why people travel to California!

There are numerous reasons why people have made the trip to the state of California. While it might be on the other side of the country, considering where you live, we can guarantee it will be an amazing trip no matter what part you visit. That’s because it has just about everything that it can possibly offer you, that makes a vacation complete. Here are 7 reasons why people are traveling and vacationing in the state of California. 

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1. Amazing Weather

Many travelers enjoy visiting California, because no matter when they visit, the weather is comfortable year-round. Especially in the southern part of the state. Almost so good in fact, that people are able to wear shorts a majority of the time. What’s not to love about that?     

2. Breath-taking Scenery

Outdoor enthusiasts love the Golden State for its natural beauty. California has plenty of breath-taking views that await you, no matter what part you visit. Some truly incredible mountain views include Valley View or Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park

If peaceful lakes and waterfalls are for you, Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe, along with Burney Falls are stunning. You’ll also find hundreds of miles of coastline with picture-worthy spots as well. 

3. Epic Drives 

You’ll also find a long list of amazing scenic drives with outstanding views of the ocean, mountain ranges, and neat bridges that you’ll cross. Here’s a list of the top epic drives in the state of California. 

4. Beautiful Beaches

Did you know that there are well over 1,000 miles of beaches in California? It might be difficult for you to find the best spot to lay out a beach towel, but we’ll make a few suggestions. Santa Monica Beach is our absolute favorite beach, yet Malibu, Los Angeles, and San Diego are great beach locations too. 

5. Outstanding Eats 

The state of California has several cities that rank amongst the highest in the country for outstanding food. If you’re visiting cities like San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles, keep in mind that some of the best chefs in the world may be preparing your next meal. 

6. A Hiker’s Paradise 

Is hiking pretty high up on your list when you’re planning a trip? California is where it’s at, with National Parks, coastlines, and rock formations to climb. Some of those National Parks include Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and Kings Canyon National Park, all of which provide awesome views and limitless trails. How about hanging off of Potato Chip Rock or hiking beneath giants at Redwood National and State Parks?  

7. Thrilling Theme Parks

Looking for a thrill? You’ll find several theme parks scattered all throughout the state that won’t disappoint. Of course, there’s Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, but your kids will also love Knott’s Berry Farm, California’s Great America, Six Flags Magic Mountain and plenty of others.

We only listed 7 reasons why people love traveling to California, but there’s so much more. Which of these reasons would be enough to sway you for a future visit to the state? Or maybe you’ve already been to California and love the state for several other reasons? Tell us about it. 

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