5 Bucket List Trips for Families

5 Bucket List Trips for Families

Needing to plan a getaway for the family? These are the top 5 bucket list trips for families to take! Family fun awaits so start booking!

If you are looking for one of that once-in-a-lifetime adventure that your family can take, then you will want to add these five trips to your family bucket list! These trips are all family-friendly and will take you from the sandy beaches of Hawaii to Alaska and even the outback of Australia! Here are five bucket list trips for families.

Fun Bucket List Vacations for Families


Hawaii is truly something that can only be described as beautiful. The ocean alone is a breathtaking site with water as clear and as pristine as a photo from a magazine! Outside of the sandy beaches, there are also a ton of great options for adventure seekers! You’ll find tons of animal encounters, snorkeling excursions, and other ocean sports such as kayaking or guided surf tours. For those who don’t want to head out into the ocean, you can visit one of the famous historical sites such as Pearl Harbor attraction in Honolulu or take a trek through the Road to Hana on Maui.


Australia might be a bit far, but it’s well worth the journey! Here you can experience adventures like you’ve only ever dreamed of! While you’re here, you can check out some incredible Wildlife Sanctuaries where you’ll find everything from kangaroos to koalas. You can venture to the heart of the country, Sydney, where you can tour the Sydney Opera House or visit the Harbour Bridge.

Orlando, Florida

While there are so many great destinations in Florida, I wanted to focus specifically on the Orlando area. Orlando is a hub for some of the best attractions that you’ll find in the entire country! In just this small city, you’ll be able to visit Universal Studios, Disney World, Legoland, and the Kennedy Space Center (to name a few). In addition to this fantastic display of theme parks, you can also visit one of Orlando’s beaches for a beach day!


Alaska is the kind of place that you can only describe by being there yourself! The glaciers and landscapes are something that words alone can’t even fathom. If you head up during the right time of year, you can catch a few of the northern lights or even see a whale at one of their national parks or whale-watching excursions.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park (TN or NC)

Depending on where you live, you can head to either Tennessee or North Carolina to experience the thrill and wonder that comes from visiting the Great Smoky Mountains. These mountains are one of the country’s most popular national parks and has everything an outdoor lover could dream of. There are incredible expeditions throughout the mountains by biking, hiking, or even horseback! The sights are something you don’t want to miss, and Grotto Falls is worth the hike alone!

No matter what kind of trip you are hoping to take, hopefully, something on this list speaks to your family and your needs! Whether you are looking for a relaxing experience, unlike any other, a trip outdoors, or sightseeing like you’ve never seen before, there will be something your family will love on this list.

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