Leadership skills to teach kids

Leadership skills to teach kids

Leadership isn’t a natural-born ability, it needs to be taught. These are important leadership skills to teach kids and prepare them for life!

Every child has the potential to become a leader in some area of their life. Leaders come from many different backgrounds. Some leaders are friendly and outgoing individuals who take charge of the situation. Other leaders are more calm and subtle but still have an impact on a group of people.

Successful leaders learned many of their leadership skills through parents or mentors growing up. As a parent, you have the opportunity to teach these important leadership skills to your children to help better prepare them for the world ahead. Here are leadership skills to teach your kids.

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Communication is a very important skill that all leaders need to have. They need to learn how to celebrate and praise others and learn how to communicate effectively with others. This is a helpful way to communicate meaning and understanding with others and help teach them how to build relationships, inspire others, and even influence people.


Organization is a skill every child needs to learn from a young age. Skills like delegating, time management, and overall organization are important leadership skills your child needs to learn. Understanding how to effectively divide larger tasks and spend their time is essential, but they need to learn how to organize to do this.


Empathetic people can build and keep relationships longer than people who aren’t, and as we watch our little ones play at recess or on the playground, you can see empathy in action! Teach your children to understand others’ feelings and understand how others might be affected by their words and actions.


Mediation is a leadership skill that is one of the most important for your children to learn. Being able to diffuse a tricky situation, create a win-win scenario for others, and to help better understand a bad situation and turn it around into a good one is a skill that will come in handy in their work and in their life. Teaching them to avoid fighting and instead use their empathy skills to mediate with others is a leadership skill every child should learn.

Conflict Resolution

Solving conflicts and working through them is a skill that any aspiring leader needs to have. In our everyday lives, there will always be some conflict. Whether it’s something small like having a simple disagreement with someone or a full-fledged argument, resolving conflicts is necessary. Mediation and empathy skills will tie into this, but having good conflict resolution skills is necessary for strong leadership skills.

Leadership skills are an important part of life and are skills your kids will take with them long after leaving the nest. Having these skills will not only make them better adults but make them overall better people. While the best way you can teach your kids these is through life experience and role modeling, it’s important to learn these essential leadership skills. No matter how old your child is, hopefully these skills can be a place to start with your children and help develop them into future leaders.

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