Kid Friendly Guide to Kemptown Park in Frederick County, MD

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Kemptown Park in Monrovia, MD might just be the best park you have never heard of! But you will definitely want to visit after reading our review and guide because it is stuffed full of awesome fun features for your kids!

Also referred to as Kemptown Community Park, this small park is tucked away behind the Kemptown Elementary School. When you pull onto the school grounds you might be confused that the school itself is the park. Don’t be– just follow the road through to the right side of the school parking lot and you will see a sign for the park.

This amazing community park has not 1, but 3 playgrounds.. and 2 of them have recently been renovated.. and they are awesome!

Playground #1- Pirate Themed

kemptown park pirate playground

Playground #1 is the first left hand turn you will make when you drive into the park. It is pirate themed and the attention to detail is fantastic. It’s a big pirate ship with slides and numerous climbing structures that would appeal to both older and younger kids!

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kemptown park featured image

None of the play elements are strictly tot lot-sized. But they aren’t overwhelming either. The focus on this playground is clearly imaginative play.

kemptown park pirate playground

There are so many fun flourishes and details that just add to the theming. Check out those wooden stairs!

kemptown park pirate playground

And I love how there are nature-themed elements sprinkled throughout the playground. The slides all look like fun, but none of them are so tall to be too scary for younger kids.

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kemptown park pirate playground

There aren’t regular swings, but there is a inner tube swing and this spinner play features kids would really love to take for a whirl!

kemptown park pirate playground

I love how many playgrounds now seek to incorporate musical elements with the playground. Kids could almost start their own band with these play instruments. Or, I don’t know– belt out a pirate song!

kemptown park pirate playground

Speaking of the pirate theme, check out these details. There is a treasure map, kids can ‘steer’ the ship, or look out of the telescope.

kemptown park pirate playground

There are various scavenger hunts to add an element of fun. This Sunken Treasure Hunt is found under the main play structures. There is also a nature-themed scavenger hunt.

kemptown park pirate playground

How fun is this? Do you think your kids can find all the pirate treasure?

kemptown park pirate playground

This playground isn’t shaded and there is no fence, but it’s tucked into a forested area and likely doesn’t need either. There is also a nice picnic pavilion in this area, as well as direct access to a nature trail!

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Playground #2- Medieval Castle and Dragon themed

kemptown park pirate playground

If you keep driving to the back of the park, you will see the other 2 playgrounds.

The playground closer to the front of this area is just as fantastic as the pirate playground! It is more medieval castle-themed and there are large slides, climbing walls and structures, imaginative play structures– including a dragon and castle keep.

kemptown park medieval dragon playground

The slides at this playground seem bigger and more challenging than at the Pirate Ship playground. Still, none of them look super scary. There is a Treasure Hunt at this playground too. And a climbing wall!

kemptown park medieval dragon playground

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This playground does not have shade or fencing.. and none of these playgrounds appear to have swings. But the theming more than makes up for it!

kemptown park medieval dragon playground

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Playground #3- By the tennis Courts

kemptown park medieval dragon playground

The playground in the back of the park near the tennis courts is a standard playground.. it hasn’t been updated. It’s still nice though!

Walking Trails and Picnic Pavilions

One of the things I love about this park is that is has so many amenities beyond the 3 playgrounds. Next to the Medieval Castle playground there is this fun Shake & Bake S’more Activity panel. I love that Girl Scouts installed this activity!

kemptown park medieval dragon playground

And there are trails that wind throughout the park. You can walk from the elementary school to the Pirate-themed playground.

kemptown park medieval dragon playground

There is a 1.3 mile unpaved nature trail that is really quite peaceful.

kemptown park walking trails

And there are 1/2 mile of paved trails that mainly circle the ballfields and playgrounds in the back of the park.

kemptown park medieval dragon playground

If you want to have a family or community event, you can rent one of a number of covered picnic pavilions. These pavilions are located next to each of the playgrounds and are really nice.

kemptown park picnic pavilion

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Other park facilities

There are port-a-potties in the parking lot next to the Pirate playground. And there are regular public restrooms next to the Medieval Castle playground.

kemptown park restrooms

Know Before you Go!/FAQ

Where is Kemptown Park Located?

Address: 3456-B Kemptown Church Road; Monrovia, MD 21770
Google Map Directions click here!

When is Kemptown Community Park open?

The park is open 8am-Sunset.

Is there parking at Kemptown Park?

Yes, there are large parking lots near both of the playground and ball field areas.

Is Kemptown Community Park stroller friendly?

Absolutely. The paved walking trail that is at the back of the park is wide and relatively flat.

Are the Kemptown Community Park playgrounds accessible?

There are play elements that would be accessible for kids with mobility issues, but these playgrounds are not the most inclusive of accessibility needs that we have seen.

How do I make a picnic pavilion reservation?

Click here for the direct reservation links and pricing information.

Make a Day of it!

There are so many ways you could add Kemptown Community Park to a fun Frederick County day trip. Here are some kid friendly spots that are less than 15 minutes from Kemptown Park:

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