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The 75+ Best Playgrounds In Maryland!

The 75+ Absolute Best Playgrounds In Maryland!

After visiting hundreds of playgrounds in Maryland, we have assembled this list of the Absolute Best Playgrounds in Maryland. It’s sorted by location and there is a map!

We are absolutely obsessed with playgrounds in our family. Why? Well, most of the time, playgrounds are FREE or very cheap entertainment for kids. Plus, playgrounds are an excellent way to get physical activity and exercise, meet new kids, test boundaries in a relatively safe environment, and more!

We have probably played on well over 100 playgrounds in Maryland since my daughter was able to walk. A few years ago I created a whole bunch of playground ‘best of’ lists… and I still stand by those lists.. with a caveat.

Check out the original best playgrounds in Maryland list part 1

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Caveat: Wow, Maryland has really stepped up it’s game! Not only are there way more playgrounds than I could have imagined, but many counties have built new and totally show-stopping amazing playgrounds in the last 2 years. Plus, many Maryland counties have also renovated existing playgrounds. It’s really sooo fantastic! Check out this list of the best playgrounds in Maryland!


I have this list broken out by region (as defined my the Maryland Tourism Bureau), and then further by County. There is also a map at the end so you can scroll to that map and use it to find your kid friendly fun!

playgrounds in maryland

Central Region (Anne Arundel, Carroll, Howard, Baltimore, Harford Counties plus Baltimore City)

Anne Arundel County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Downs Memorial Park-

best playgrounds in Maryland

Downs Memorial Park is a fantastic waterfront park that is super kid friendly. This isn’t exactly a beach trip, but there are loads of walking paths along the water, with benches and overlooks. Downs Memorial Park built a fantastic new playground in 2021. There are plenty of swings, climbing structures, slides, and separate areas for younger and older kids.

Fort Smallwood Park

This is a great park that was originally part of the coastal fort system. It is situated where the Patapsco River dumps into the Chesapeake Bay.
There is a beach/swimming area (Note: It is currently closed for restoration until Spring 2022), a boat and canoe launch, a great fishing pier, walking and hiking trails, and a nice playground for kids.

Thomas Dixon Observation Area (Airplane Playground)

thomas dixon

This is a small playground but it has special appeal. Why? Because it is located right on the flight line. So, as your kids play on the swings and climbing structures, you can all watch planes land! Some of them get really close too!
The other great thing about this playground is it plugs directly in to the B&A bike trail. So, bring bikes and scooters and take a stroll or ride either before or after playground play!

Kinder Farm Park

The Kinder Farm Park Playground went through a massive renovation in 2020 and the new playground is absolutely fantastic. It is farm themed and has tons of great climbing structured, musical instruments to play, riding features, slides, and great swings. There are lots of play features that would appeal to both younger and older kids!
While you are visiting the playground, walk the short distance to the actual farm where you can see (and sometimes pet) cows, pigs, goats, sheep, etc…
This is really a charming park and playground!

Lake Waterford Park

best playgrounds in Maryland

This lovely park has a lot to offer families. There is a gorgeous lake with hiking trails and a viewing platform. You can also do some fishing at the lake.
Bring a lunch and enjoy it in the shaded picnic area.
Your kids will love the lake. But really, they will really love the playground. The ‘boundless’ playground really does have play features for everyone– younger kids, older kids, and kids with disabilities. There are loads of swings, slides, climbing structures, and more!

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Quiet Waters Park

This is an amazing and very kid friendly park just a second away from downtown Annapolis. There are so many family activities here!
There is a 5.1 mile paved loop trail surrounding the park that is very scenic and mostly flat. The trail will meander through woods and along the water at various points. If you take Harness Creek Trail, you can access the boat launch area.
Your kids will love the main playground at Quiet Waters Park. There is a great section for both toddlers and older kids, and there are plenty of swings.
If you visit Quiet Waters Park, you have to make time to see the South River Overlook! Drive to the back of the park and park in the parking lot where the road dead ends. From there, take the very short walking path to the overlook. It’s gorgeous and you can take stairs down to the lower level for a nice walk too!

Carroll County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Westminster City Park Playground

westminster city park playground

The City of Westminster started upgrading the playground in late 2016 and it re-opened in early 2017. Someone on the planning committee must have had the ear of a bunch of kids, because this playground pretty much has everything!
The gigantic climbing structure pictured below greets visitors with a series of rope course like challenges, some of which lead to slides. There is a seated zipline (yes.. there is), tons of swings, smaller play structures for younger kids, balance pads, and a modern version of of spinning play apparatus where 5 or 6 kids can see how fast they can twirl before getting dizzy.
Older kids will love the huge climbing knot (not sure how to describe it other that a knot… there are other play structures like this around the region). The entire playground is shaded and very pleasant.

Christmas Tree Park Playground

best playgrounds in maryland

We almost missed this lovely playground. While eating ice cream at Hoffman’s Dairy, the family next to us kept talking about their favorite playground that was just 10 minutes away! I am soooo glad we ran into them! The Christmas Tree Park Playground is sprawling. It is hard to capture just how big it is because it includes at least four main playground areas plus swings!
The newest area is where we spent the most time. Here there are ziplines, chair ziplines, balance beams, multiple versions of roundabouts and see saws, climbing structures, a sound garden, and more! In the more traditional playground areas there are also plenty of slides. The playground and park are largely shaded (hence the name, Christmas Tree Park) and there is tons of space to run around.
Local youth sports teams will likely be playing on the soccer or baseballs fields, and there is even a sand volleyball court (which I suppose doubles as a giant sand box).
Plus– the entire park is shaded.

Howard County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Blandair Regional Park North Playground

best playgrounds in Maryland

Oh. My. Goodness! I can’t believe how utterly amazing the Blandair Regional Park North Area Playground is!
Seriously, there are so many features I want to share with you … I couldn’t even share all the photos here!
Yes, the playground is so huge there is a map! Look at the map when you arrive because there are dedicated areas for babies and toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids! It’s really like 5-6 playgrounds wrapped into one!
Ok, first off this entire massive playground is fenced in and access is controlled by a double lock gate! Wow!!! That is such an amazing safety feature!!!
The massive area right in the middle of the playground is space themed and for 5-12 year olds. The slides in this area are off the hook awesome!
Down the hill from rocket playground is this amazing climbing structure that looks like a rainbow wave. The swings are also over here, as well as a bunch of musical play features, a double knot climbing structure, and a few other totally cool play features.
The Dino themed playground is for younger kids and also has an amazing theme! Kids can climb on dinosaur bones, tunnels, and shorter slides for younger kids.
The baby/toddler area is next to the Dino area and is perfect for the youngest kids. There are so many interactive play features in this area!
best playgrounds in Maryland
One of the best parts about this playground is when they say play for all.. they mean, play for all! In every area of the playground there are play features that are accessible and fun for kids of all abilities!

Blandair Regional Park West Area and Ninja Obstacle Course

The West Playground is pretty huge and very popular– especially since it is located next to ball fields. There are tons of slides, swings, play areas for both younger kids and older kids, and more.
The second area that is open and great for kids is the super cool Ninja Warrior style obstacle challenge course. You can actually time your kids (or yourself) to see how long it would take to go through the obstacles.

Atholton Park

best playgrounds in Maryland

This is a fantastic neighborhood playground that is likely to be quiet during the week and a bit busier on weekends. The playground has a nice woodland theme with slides, climbing structures, and lots of fun features to inspire imagination.
There are no swings though.
Even so, this is a nice little park!

Holiday Hills Park

This playground and park are really fantastic if you want to escape the crowds but still have a blast!
There is both a younger kid and older kid area. However, even the older kid area isn’t bad for younger kids. There are fun climbing structures and imaginative play features.
Not only that the park has a basketball and tennis court.
There are plenty of swings including baby swings.

Huntington Park

This is a fantastic park and playground in Columbia that is tucked away in a neighborhood. It’s really another hidden treasure!
There is a large older kids play area and a smaller younger kids area. Each area has fantastic play features like slides, climbing apparatus, and imaginative play features like drums.
There are swings, but when we visited there weren’t baby swings.
Bring your scooter and balls because this park has walking paths and a huge field to run around in!

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Western Regional Park Playground

This playground in Western Howard County (Woodbine) isn’t a secret, but it’s far enough away from the major population centers of Columbia and Ellicott City that it’s not likely to be crowded (unless there are sporting tournaments).
This playground is pretty large and has great play options for both older and younger kids. There is a separate young kid playground next to the playground for older kids, but the older kid playground is not treacherous for younger kids either.
The playground features tons of slides, tons of swings, great climbing structures, and plenty of benches for caregivers. There are also shades for those sunny days.

Troy Hill Park Playground

The Troy Hill Park in Elkridge is one of the newest parks in Howard County. It also has a super nice (and typically very uncrowded) playground.
We love this playground because normally there are only a few other kids playing.. and many times we are the only ones there!
The playground has tons of great play features for a relatively small playground. There are big slides, climbing structures, a zipline-type contraption, and plenty of swings, including baby swings.
There is a separate young kid area that is also full of fun play features. This playground is surrounded by a fence (bonus!) and there are benches for caregivers around the fence. Next to the playground is a nice pavilion and restrooms (with water fountain).

Meadowbrook Park- Long Gate Playground

best playgrounds in maryland

When you think of massive playgrounds, the Long Gate Playground at Meadowbrook Park is hard to beat. There are two main playground areas, a playground for younger kids and this massive playground (which is also fully accessible). Between the two of them we counted 14 (!!!!) slides of varying sizes, speeds, etc… plus lots of places to climb, tunnels to crawl through, and balance features like stepping stones.
Much like Centennial Park, this playground can be overwhelming for young kids. It is nice that there is a smaller version of the playground, but I have to tell ya– your toddler will see this huge playground and they will absolutely want to check it out. There are plenty of toddler-safe features on the big playground too, but there are also quite a few harrowing drops. So, just keep an eagle eye out.
There is some shade but most of the playground is not very shaded… so bring sunscreen. There are also nice walking paths around the park.

Centennial Park

best playgrounds in maryland

Centennial Park is such a fantastic place to spend the day. There are actually a few playgrounds located throughout the park. However, the South Playground (located at the main entrance off Rt. 108) is really quite lovely.
It is sprawling, with lots of places for kids to climb, run, and slide. If you have smaller kids, especially kids under 2 years old, you may want to steer clear of this playground in favor of one of the other three playgrounds sprinkled throughout the park. This playground does tend to be VERY busy and incidentally, the other three playgrounds tend to be much more low key. But, the reason the South Playground is so busy is because it is so much fun!
Oh, and did I mention there are FOUR playgrounds. Oh, and did I mention that the main feature of Centennial Park is actually not the playgrounds at all.. but the large lake you can walk around? Yep, the lake is gorgeous and there is a very nice walking/biking path. You can also rent paddle boats and canoes, or drop your fishing line in and try to catch a fishy.
Note: In late 2021, the North Playground was completely renovated and is also totally awesome, especially for younger kids. It has a small train structure, accessible play elements, swings– including Mommy and me swings, are more!

Alpha Ridge Park

There are actually a few fun things to do with kids at this park!
There are two playgrounds that are both small but super fun. The playground for older kids has a big slide and a bunch of fun climbing elements. The second playground (they are not co-located) is for toddlers and preschoolers. It is so adorable and perfect for a low key play time. There are logs to climb through, tree stumps and mushrooms to walk on, and a few swings for babies and kids with disabilities.
But the playgrounds aren’t the only thing going on at this park! They have a very space-y Solar System Walk that includes fun signs for 4 planets, along with some guide posts on the ground. The entire Solar System walk is almost 1/2 mile and it’s very stroller friendly.

Patapsco Valley State Park Hollofield Area

best playgrounds in maryland

This playground is really fun for all ages and ability types. There are loads of climbing opportunities and a few slides. There are lower to the ground features for little kids, like a ‘hollowed out log’ they can climb though.
Around the outer perimeter of the playground kids can bang away in the sound garden, and there is a pretty cool feature that is basically a large see saw car. I believe it is officially called an Aero Glider. The Aero Glider is actually wheelchair accessible (which is probably why it is large) but kids of all ages and ability types loved loading up and riding away as willing parents pushed them up and down.
The playground is in a shaded area too.

Bailey Park

Bailey Park is part of the new re-imaging of the Merriweather District and Columbia Waterfront. I really love this small playground, as well as some of the other features that will be a hit with your kids!
The playground is small but actually great for kids of all ages. There are music elements, a slide, and loads of climbing features.

Baltimore County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Patapsco Valley State Park Hilton Area

best playgrounds in maryland

This fantastic area of Patapsco Valley State Park is known for it’s super fun tire playground! Here are some of the features:
  • Tons of recycled tires to climb on, in, and through. Some of them are made into forts and other play structures. Or you could just see how fast you can run across the tires like my daughter did.
  • There is also a newer play structure that isn’t made out of recycled tires but does have climbing features, slides, etc…
  • There are swings (tire swings) and tons of picnic tables, benches, and pavilions in the vicinity.
  • The playground is well shaded and connects to hiking paths.
  • There is a small nature center that is open seasonally.

Oregon Ridge Park/Playground

When you enter the Oregon Ridge area, you can veer right to go to the nature center, or veer left to visit the main park area. In the main park area there is a really nice playground your kids will love!
The playground is fully accessible and has great play features both younger and older kids will love! There are loads of slides and other climbing structures, swings, a separate toddler area, and a great ride-on car feature.
There isn’t much shade (or any) on the playground, but there are shaded areas on the perimeter.

Sweet Air Park

The Sweet Air playground at the Jacksonville Recreation Center is really so much fun for both older and younger kids.
Younger kids will love the fun ride on play features like the ladybug and bee. Older kids will totally dig this unique climbing feature that looks like a wave.
There are swings, including baby swings and accessible swings, sound play components, and multiple slides.
This is a super safe playground with a fence all around it and only one entrance.

Angel Park Playground

angel park playground

The Angel Park Playground was designed by local children and artists as a way to honor ‘angel’ children. The main play castle is massive, with climbing structures, slides, and tons of small pockets that would make a game of hide-and-seek truly epic. There is a separate tot lot area (which is really fun for older kids as well), swings of all types, and two types of ziplines (one that is fully accessible).
What sets this playground apart though are all the details. Rapunzel and her epic hair beckon kids to climb. Dumbledore asks which sorting hat you will wear? Winnie the Pooh or Dory and Nemo greet kids from inside one of the many hiding places. Also, get this– outside the fenced in playground area, there is a separate outdoor gym with cardio and strength training equipment, so that parents can work out while their kids play. How cool is that?

Baltimore City Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Pierce’s Park

pierces park

This awesome little park is tucked away in a corner of the Inner Harbor. If you didn’t know it was there you might actually miss it. But that would be a shame because it boasts some pretty fun play features like a horn slide (that is what it looks like anyway), spinners, playground instruments, and a willow tunnel. A great place to decompress if your kids are getting a little overwhelmed.

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Rash Field Park

This is a gorgeous nature-based playground that was built in late 2021 right next to the Maryland Science Center. There is a big tee-pee structure, rope bridges, a giant sand box, a gravel pit, and some of the best views of the Inner Harbor ever!

Our Playground at Stadiumplace

our playground at stadiumplace

The story behind this playground is absolutely amazing. The playground burned to the ground in 2008 and by 2009, the area residents had worked together to completely rebuild and restore it. Amazing!
Awesome back story aside, this playground is also amazing. There are tons of swings for all ages and abilities, a separate tot area, climbing structures, slides, and an abundance of imaginative play areas.
There is a stage for budding singers and actors, a zoo themed area, a play town, and more.
This playground doesn’t offer a ton of shade but there are shady pavilions for a break if needed. The playground is fenced it for safety and is co-located with the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Family Center Y.

Patterson Park

patterson park

Another fantastic area of Baltimore to check out is Patterson Park. The defining feature of Patterson Park is the beautifully restored pagoda but families will love it for all the activities! There is ice skating in the winter, a pool in the summer, 2 playgrounds, a fountain, and tons of amazing annual events like flea markets, the annual lantern parade, free summer concerts, and more!

Harford County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Millard-Tydings Memorial Park Playground

Millard-Tydings Park is also called Concord Point Park. The entire park is lovely… plenty of picnic tables, space to run around, and a fantastic playground. This playground is really huge with loads of fun features for younger and older kids. Also, it’s right on the water so the views are gorgeous!

Annie’s Playground

annies playground

We are totally in love with Annie’s Playground. Like the Angel Park Playground, Annie’s Playground was designed and constructed partly as a memorial for little kids who have been lost.
The playground is nothing short of amazing. Like the Angel Park Playground, Annie’s Playground has loads of imaginative twists and features, climbing structures, a stage, swings for everyone, and scads of slides. The reason it edges out the Angel Park Playground is that it is massive. It is really hard to describe just how big this playground is and every inch of it is whimsical and fun!

Rockfield Creative Playground

Rockfield Creative

This sprawling wooden playground in Bel Air has a little something for everyone. There are tons of slides, tons of swings, climbing structures and walls everywhere. There is a separate tot lot area with play houses and other imaginative play touches, and there is a sandbox.
For parents/adults, there are plenty of benches and a pavilion located next to the playground for picnics. The playground is well shaded and fenced in.. so you don’t have to worry about your kids wandering off.
Recently a great splash pad area was installed in the park too. Fantastic for hot summer days!

Lyn Stacie Getz Creative Playground

best playgrounds in maryland

You know a playground is going to be oodles of fun when it was designed by kids! Yep, this creative playground was designed in part by area kids so there are a ton of fun features. My daughter loved the tire swing, all the slides, the see saw, and the sandbox. There are towers, tunnels, and bridges that would be great for a game of tag or hide and go seek!
This park is fully enclosed and there are great play features for older kids and really young kids too! For parents there are benches around the fence line, some shaded, some not.

Capital Region (Prince George’s, Montgomery, Frederick Counties)

Prince George’s County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

So, Prince George’s County probably has the most playgrounds per square mile of anywhere I have seen. They have 25 Imagination Playgrounds, and then so many more playgrounds that are just awesome. I will try to limit the playgrounds here to the best of the best. However, check out these resources:

Everything you wanted to know about Prince George’s County’s Imagination Playgrounds!

Wizard of Oz Playground

wizard of oz playground

Make no mistake.. this amazing playground is probably the best playground in Maryland. It is located at Watkins Regional Park and is seriously a swoon-worthy destination it its own right. The play area itself is sunny but is surrounded by a wooded, shaded picnic area.
The attention to detail with this playground is amazing. Ruby Red Slippers, the house in Kansas complete with Aunt Em’s mailbox, and a real yellow brick road. For real.
wizard of oz playground
There are tons of play features for toddlers and young kids, as well as older kids. The playground is designed for kids up to 12. Lots of swings, slides, climbing opportunities.
There is a themed running track– it’s a rainbow; yes.. somewhere over the rainbow.
Picnic areas surround the playground.

Horse Racing Playground

Horse racing playground

Don’t miss this hidden playground… it’s super fun and a much less crowded alternative to the Wizard of Oz playground.
Referred to as Watkins Regional Park Playground #2, this hidden (well hidden) gem is an amazing playground in its own right. The only downside really is that it plays second fiddle to the Wizard of Oz playground. But seriously, it is a pretty fantastic playground.
The Horse Racing Playground is another one of Prince George’s County Imagination Playgrounds (there are 25 in total) and is gorgeously themed. The main play structure looks like the starting gate of a horse race, albeit with a few super fun slides at one end, and a carving of 4 horses running at the other.
This playground is nestled among a very well shaded picnic area, with tons of picnic pavilions and public restroom facilities close by.
There is a themed toddler play area as well, with ride-on horses, and swings to accommodate toddlers, big kids, and kids with special needs. The ride-ons and even the younger kid area are all themed for horse racing. There are plenty of swings, benches, and it’s shady!

Apple Orchard Playground

imagination playground

Playground at Fairwood Community Park
A massive playground with tons of features for younger and older kids.
The huge play structure pictured below is actually three play structures connected to each other. There are two massive parts with slides, tunnels, and places to climb. In between is one of those large climbing web knots that are starting to show up on newer playgrounds.
This play feature is part game, part sport. NEOS is an electronic game/sport which seems a lot like a giant game of Simon. It’s pretty fun to play.

Little Critter Playground

little critter playground

This fully accessible playground is so bright and happy and there are so many play features to love.
This is the first universally designed, fully accessible playground in Prince George’s County and they really go all out for kids of all ages and abilities.
There are two wheelchair-accessible double “SwayFun” swings, wheelchair ramps, and sound panels.
There are swings for big kids, toddlers, a tire swing, and other swings that accommodate kids with special needs. The playground also has musical features like drums and other noise makers.

Allen Pond Park

Allen Pond Park is a fantastic park in Bowie, MD. There are numerous picnic areas you can rent, two playgrounds with play features that would appeal to younger and older kids, and the pond itself. There is a lovely walking path around the pond and you can rent paddleboats or canoes to paddle around the pond.

Bowie Heritage Park

This park is so unique and fun.. it’s perfect for imaginative play! Located in Old Town Bowie, it’s right next to the train tracks and has an tiny town modeled after Bowie, with about 10-15 play structures like a school, court, church, and more. There are also swings, a great climbing structure, and other play features!

Horsepen Park

This is yet another great playground and park in Bowie that is fairly new (completed in Summer 2020). The park itself is great because it plugs into the Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis (WB&A) Trail, so you can bring your bikes or just walk!
You definitely want to bring your bikes though because the park has a bicycle practice and training courses, which includes a beginner level bicycle pump track, an intermediate level pump track, a bicycle skills area, and a bicycle repair station.
Finally, there is a really nice playground that has playground features for both younger and older kids, as well as a zipline, picnic pavilions, and more!

Somerset Neighborhood Park

This is a great playground and shaded park tucked away in a quiet neighborhood in Bowie. This playground would appeal to both younger and older kids. There are some really fun play features and the entire playground is shaded.

Indian Creek Playground

Imagination Playground

Berwyn Heights Park
This playground is small but your kids will LOVE using their imagination to explore the world of the Native Americans.
Who wouldn’t want to play inside a tepee? Or climb through or slide down the inside of a hollowed out log?
There is plenty of open space for kids to run around and walking/biking paths that lead out of the playground area.

Woodland Wonderland Playground

woodland wonderland playground

Located at the Walker Mill Regional Park, this playground has a lot going on… and your kids will LOVE playing here.
Yes, this playground is HUGE. There are multiple sections of the play area.
One of the playground sections is a spray-ground. It is really cute and your kids will love getting sprayed by woodland animals or sliding down a little water slide.
There are plenty of swings at this playground but your kids might be too busy to care about them.
There are play areas for older kids and young kids. They are in separate sections of the playground… but I am not going to lie; your young kids will want to play in the big kid area too.
Climbing– kids can climb through a hollowed out tree, scale up a big boulder, climb up a water tower. 
And then slide all the way down the hill. This slide is probably my favorite feature of the playground. It is sooo long! And kids won’t mind climbing back up the hill because there are some cute ants who will crawl up the hill with them!

Gone Fishing Playground

imagination playground

Glassmanor Community Center Park
I wasn’t expecting much from this playground but boy was I proven wrong. This lovely playground is next to a community center and it has a lot to offer all kids.
The theme is very fun and the playground is designed around the idea that you are near the water. Kids can spot sharks and other fish in the play area, and many of the play features have a fishing theme.
Next to the playground there is a short walking path and ball fields that would be great for running and burning energy.
The imagination playground is built among two older playground areas– all three are a lot of fun. The tot lot area is far enough away from the older kid area that your toddlers won’t be completely tempted to wander.
There are a number of unique play features for balancing, climbing, and spinning– including a giant ring that kids can ride and spin around on.
This playground boasts tons of slides and swings for both older kids and toddlers.

King and Queen Playground

king and queen playground

Cheverly Euclid Street Neighborhood Park
Your kids will love pretending they are royalty with this fantastically themed playground located at the Cheverly Euclid Street Neighborhood Park.
This playground is perfect for imagination. Kids can climb to the top of the castle, walk over the moat, scale ropes over treacherous waters, and pretend they are royalty.
There are separate areas for younger and older kids but the older kid area is still mostly doable for younger kids.
There are tennis courts and ball fields adjacent to the playground as well, so plenty of opportunities for kids to run around.
Also next to the playground is a great wooded area with a short walking path. When we visited there were kids running around playing prince and princess and dragon through the woods. It was awesome!
There were swings for big kids, toddlers, and kids with disabilities.

Montgomery County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Cabin John Regional Park

best playgrounds in maryland

In my humble opinion, Montgomery County’s regional parks are its crown jewels. Each park is super fun and could be a day trip destination in and of itself. Cabin John Regional Park is no exeption. It has a massive (but shaded) playground, hiking trails, a miniature train, nature center, and an ice rink!
There are probably a dozen play areas within the boundaries of this playground, There is a traditional looking playground, as well as this cool 3-pronged slide. There are swings, climbing boulders, other neat climbing and balance apparatus, and plenty of play structures for younger kids, including a wooden train.

Falls Road Local Park

This is a really nice neighborhood park with three separate play areas. There is a frontier fort, a pirate ship, and a castle that kids can play on.
The park has a walking trail that would be great for kids to ride bikes or scooters as well.
There are play elements that are accessible for kids with disabilities and there are swings.

Greenbrier Playground

This out of the way playground really is a hidden gem. But it is soooo worth a visit!
This playground really is one of the best surprises in Maryland. It’s a beautiful playground with two play areas– one for older kids and one for younger kids. Kids will love the huge slides in the treehouse as well as pretending to pilot the boat!
The surface is rubberized and there is a lovely picnic area, as well as ball fields.

Wheaton Regional Park

wheaton regional park

There are actually quite a few reasons to love the Wheaton Regional Park. You could really spend all day playing and exploring.
The Adventure Playground is huge and your kids will get totally immersed in play here. Those 3 ginormous slides are quit the thrill and even younger kids can handle them.
There is a fantastic and relatively separate play area for younger kids. This area has a large sand play section and numerous play features that kids can ride on. For both younger and older kids there are some pretty unique climbing structures as well.
Kids will love running up and down the big blue mountain. There is also a big climbing knot structure that older kids in particular will get a kick out of navigating. This playground has quite a few swings, including swings for kids with disabilities.
Don’t forget to pack a lunch because the grounds of Wheaton Regional Park are really expansive, with tons of picnic tables and covered picnic areas.
The trees in the park are tall and provide plenty of shade. The walking paths are wide and there is plenty of open grassy area to spread out.

Check out my in-depth review of Wheaton Regional Park!

South Germantown Park Adventure Playground

south germantown adventure playground

What kid wouldn’t get totally excited to run around this castle! This playground is HUGE and in addition to this castle includes a pirate ship playground, a track, tons of swings, a sound garden, and climbing walls.
The main part of the Adventure Playground is so awesome you will hardly believe it. It is an honest to goodness castle! There are tons of slides, towers and lookouts, swinging bridges, and climbing structures. Kids of different ages and skill levels will all have a blast on the castle.
Bring your kid’s tricycle! There is a rubberized blue track that rings the adventure playground.

Seneca Creek State Park Recycled Tire Playground

Seneca Creek State Park is home to one of three or four recycled tire playgrounds in Maryland. Honestly, the park is worth visiting for this playground alone. Kids will love climbing on the tire dragon or traversing some of the tire balance beams. The playground also has numerous tire swings, including a huge, multi-person tire swing.

Frederick County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Walkersville Community Park

We always visit this park when we go to Walkersville for the Walkersville Southern Railroad. It’s conveniently situated 5 minutes away from the train station. The park is expansive with lots of open space and different play areas spread out around it. The two times we’ve been here it hasn’t been crowded. However, on certain Wednesdays throughout the summer they have special train rides that stop at this park for a picnic, so the park can get very crowded then with a train load of kids spilling out around lunch time.

Sophie and Madigan’s Playground

photo courtesy of Sophie and Madigan’s Playground

A fully inclusive playground born out of tragedy (opened 2021)
The story of how this playground came to be is a true story of triumph over tragedy. From their website: “On January 31, 2013, the Lillard family of Myersville, Maryland was struck by unthinkable tragedy when a horrific house fire claimed the lives of their daughters Sophie and Madigan, killed the family’s four pets, destroyed their home and virtually all the family’s possessions, and hospitalized the surviving family members.
As Sophie and Madigan’s parents struggled to cope with the loss of their daughters, they looked for a way to honor the memory of Sophie and Madigan…” and the idea for this fully inclusive playground was born.
This fully inclusive playground has features that all kids and parents will love. There are many types of swings that make play possible for kids with a wide range of disabilities. There are play areas that are great for kids with sensory issues, and really, everything about this playground is fun!
The attention to detail with all aspects of this playground mean your kids will get lost in imaginative play… climbing the castle, spinning in a pumpkin pod, or visiting Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage!
Everything is designed for fun, creative, and inclusive play!

Southern Region (Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s Counties)

Calvert County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Calvert Cliffs State Park Tire Playground

best playgrounds in maryland

I don’t know why we love tire playgrounds so much, but we do. Maybe it is because they just seem so… scrappy. (ha. pun intended).
Kids can climb on the spine of a fire breathing dragon and then pull its tongue out. Or, maybe pretend they are swashbuckling pirates and sail the open seas on board the huge pirate ship made out of tires.
There are tire swings, tire spider web bouncy play features, tires towers, and tires, tires everywhere!

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Hallowing Point Park

This is a great local park and playground. There are plenty of ball fields and walking paths. The playground has great slides, climbing structures, and more. Oh, and there is shade! Whoop whoop!

Callis Park

This is such a lovely playground, about 1 block from North Beach and Boardwalk.
The playground has play features that would appeal to younger and older kids. Tons of climbing structures, slides, swings, spinning features, and more. There is a nice tot lot too that is fenced in and a shaded picnic area.

Charles County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Laurel Springs Regional Park

This park has a fantastic playground that is a fully inclusive playground. They even have a swing for kids in wheelchairs!
There is also a walking trail that is wooded and goes around the perimeter of the park.

Bensville Park

best playgrounds in Maryland

Another great playground in Charles County that recently got a new zipline upgrade. Fun!
This playground has plenty of slides, swings, climbing structures and more. There are separate play areas for younger and older kids.

St. Mary’s County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Wieck Playground

best playgrounds in Maryland

There used to be a beloved wooden playground at this spot… and then a few years ago they tore it down and in it’s place built this amazing.. even better… playground. This playground is great for kids of all ages and has a lot of super fun play features.
There are great slides, climbing features, a pirate themed play structure for younger kids, ride-on’s, and more.

Dorsey Park

A little further out of the main Leonardtown area, Dorsey Park’s newly renovated playground is a climber’s dream. One of their playsets is almost entirely made of ropes and ladders, plus there’s a separate dome rope ladder structure. Sitting beside the toddler playset are also multiple musical instruments like xylophones and a metal drum that is pleasant on the ears no matter who is playing it.
If you’ve got a little one who likes to swing, there’s even an adult and child swing so you can swing together! Finding shade is also easy because there’s a pavilion and picnic table right in the center of the playground.

Western Region (Washington, Allegany, and Garrett Counties)

So, there are not a lot of playgrounds on this list from Western Maryland. But that’s not because Western Maryland is lacking… it’s because there are SOOOOO many state parks, hiking trails, lakes, rivers, etc…. So, check out these two posts and find out all the fun outdoor adventures you can have in Western Maryland!

Best Maryland State Parks for Families

Best Easy Hikes in Maryland for Kids

Washington County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Hagerstown City Park

Hagerstown City Park? Oh. My. Word. This place is amazing and pretty much worth a day trip all on its own!
The centerpiece of this park is the lovely lake/pond with art sculptures, walking paths, cute bridges, streams, benches, and yes.. fountains! It’s really sooo lovely!
Feed the swans! Ok, you can purchase fees (don’t use bread) from the snack area and feed the hordes.. yes hordes.. of very friendly geese, ducks, and swans.
There is not only one, but two very nice playgrounds.. shaded, loads of swings and fun play features, fully inclusive.. did I mention 2 playgrounds?
Don’t miss the bandshell. Check their website for live events!

Eastern Region (the entire Eastern Shore plus Cecil County)

Cecil County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Stubbs Hill Regional Park

best playgrounds in Maryland

This is a small but super fun playground that is very close to Kilby Cream and Plumpton Park Zoo. The playground has great play structures that would appeal to younger and older kids, as well as plenty of swings.

Calvert Regional Park

This is Cecil County’s first regional park and it really has so much to offer. In addition to all the ball fields, there is a story trail offered in conjunction with the library. And the playground is really so fantastic. There are multiple play areas for younger and older kids, plenty of swings, and a zipline too!

Fair Green Park Playground

best playgrounds in Maryland

This is such a fantastic playground! First of all, it’s fenced in! There are separate play structures for older and younger kids… and the younger kid play structure is a pirate ship! (Yes, your older kids will want to play here too). There are plenty of swings and a water fountain, as well as covered picnic area.

Kent County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Rock Hall Community Playground

The Rock Hall Community Playground is easily one of the best playgrounds in Maryland, and your kids will love exploring it! This is a new/newly renovated playground that has loads of fantastic play features for both younger and older kids. There are tons of climbing features, ride-on’s (including that really cool digger play structure!), swings, and slides.

Betterton Community Park

I had no idea this lovely playground existed but it does exist and it’s lovely. After the beach stop here to extend your fun! The playground is great and there is a small nature play area too! There are play areas for younger and older kids, swings, a sprayground feature, and more!

Ocean City Area Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Yes, there are awesome playgrounds at some of the family friendly Ocean City restaurants. I did not include them here because I have a special post for them here!

The Best Ocean Pines Playgrounds

These playgrounds are about 10-15 minutes from Ocean City beach area. 

White Horse Park

best playgrounds in Maryland

This is a sprawling playground that has public restroom facilities, play areas for older and younger kids, as well as fully accessible play features. There are loads of swings, a zipline, and plenty of shaded picnic areas.

Manklin Meadows Park

The other awesome Ocean Pines playground is at Manklin Meadows Park. This playground also has it all… plenty of play features for kids of all ages and abilities. It’s very spread out and has a covered picnic pavilion in the middle of the play area. 

Northside Park

best playgrounds in Maryland

Northside Park is probably not a location you would think to include on your Ocean City vacation bucket list. However, it is perfect for low-key family fun. The park is gorgeous and right on the ocean (like everything else in Ocean City). There is a decent sized playground for kids, a picnic area, and a fishing pier that is great for fishing, but also has the best scenic views. This is also a fantastic place to go fly your kite!

Worcester County Playgrounds (not Ocean City area)

Cypress Park Playground in Pocomoke City

Pocomoke City is a great day trip from the Ocean City area! You can pair a trip to the Delmarva Discovery Center with this lovely playground… which is within walking distance of the museum. It’s a fenced in playground with play areas for younger and older kids. Plus you can go on a short boardwalk nature trail co-located with the park. This park is also on the Pocomoke River, so it’s a very scenic area!

Stephen Decatur Park in Berlin

If you are visiting Berlin, you have to make a side trip to this sprawling community park and playground. There are multiple separate play areas that would appeal to many different ages and abilities. Plus, there is a fun nature trail at the park as well!

Worcester Preparatory School Playground

best playgrounds in Maryland

Note: This playground does appear to be open to the public when school is not in session, but if in doubt, check their website. 

Located across the street from the North Worcester Athletic Complex, this lovely playground has shaded areas and great play features for both older and younger kids!

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Caroline County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Tuckahoe State Park Tire Playground

This great state park is so much fun for both day trips and weekend trips! There are multiple areas to explore. The Visitor Center has a great aviary, supplies for the disc golf course, and trailheads for over 20 miles of fun trails!
At Tuckahoe Lake you can rent kayaks and canoes, fish, and kids will absolutely love the recycled tire playground! In the Campfire Loop area there are nature trails and another great playground with a fantastic slide!

Dorchester County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Sailwinds Park

best playgrounds in Maryland

Sailwinds Park is the absolute perfect place to stop for a break on your way to Ocean City…. And it’s a great destination to visit on any Eastern Shore road trip! The playground has a really fun theme.. with a lighthouse tower, and great play features for both older and younger kids. The park is on the water and there is a small beach where your kids can play in the sand, plus a nice walking path.

Talbot County Best Playgrounds in Maryland

Idlewild Playground and Park

The Idlewild Playground in Easton is soooooo much fun! There are full sections for younger and older kids. Loads of imaginative play features, swings, music features, slides, climbing, obstacles, and tons of nooks and crannies to explore. There are public restrooms and plenty of parking. .. and it’s free! The park has a nice bike/walking path and a very colorful basketball court!

Wicomico County Playgrounds

Ben’s Red Swings Community Playground

best playgrounds in Maryland

A nice community playground that is very close to the Salisbury Zoo. There are slides, swings, and loads of fun play structures and features. The playground is located near walking paths as well.

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