Armor of God Bible Class Crafts for Kids: Breastplate of Righteousness T-Shirts

I had so much fun teaching the Armor of God (Ephesians 6) this summer at camp. I taught about six to seven 8-year old girls and wanted to have a fun week, while still effectively introducing the concept of spiritual warfare to the. The first thing we did was make ‘dog tags,’ since, as Christians, we are in the Army of God and all. Next up in the Armor of God Bible Class Crafts for Kids series we tacked the Breastplate of Righteousness. Read on to find out what we did and how I applied it to the lesson.

armor of god bible class crafts for kids

Armor of God Bible Class Crafts for Kids: Breastplate of Righteousness T-Shirts

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So, my goal with this craft was to have fun, create something that wouldn’t get thrown away as soon as the girls went home, and reminded them of the lesson. We talked about the breastplate and what it protects: the heart and other vital organs. We discussed all of the ways sin could impact our heart. For instance, when you do something you know is wrong, it might feel good at first, but then it usually feels really bad. We talked a little about righteousness, about being right and doing right.

For the craft, I thought it would be fun for the girls to design their own breastplate of righteousness, with a ‘heart’ right in the center. Here is how to create this craft/activity with your own Bible class:

Materials Needed:

  • White t-shirts. When I purchased t-shirts I had no idea what size to buy. So, I bought mostly kid: mediums, with a few larger sizes thrown in just in case they were needed.
  • Cardboard cutouts to put inside the t-shirt during the painting.
  • construction paper, cardstock, etc…
  • pencil or pen
  • scissors
  • fabric paint–wide variety of colors
  • fabric markers

armor of god bible class crafts for kids

Pre-Craft Setup:

  • The cardboard cutouts are to put inside the t-shirts so the fabric paint doesn’t leak through and stick the front and back of the t-shirt together. You don’t need a specific shape or size for the cutout. Just try to make it sizeable enough that it covers the bulk of the shirt.
  • Fold the construction paper (or whatever paper you have) in half and cut out a heart template. I cut out enough templates for each girl to have one. It really only took about 10 minutes tops to prepare this step. If you are unsure of your heart shape, use a pencil or pen to trace the desired shape first.

armor of god bible class crafts for kids

Craft Instructions:

  • Trace the heart shape onto the front/center of the t-shirt using the heart template and fabric markers.
  • Inside the heart, use fabric markers, fabric paint, or both to write a spiritual word. I gave the girls a little flexibility with this. They could write ‘love,’ ‘God,’ etc…
  • Decorate your shirt with the fabric paint. Again, the point was for this to be rather creative.. so, I didn’t set a lot of parameters. If the girls needed help I would help (I ‘traced’ a number of hearts with the fabric paint so that it would look the way the girls wanted it to look). Otherwise, I just stayed out of their way.
  • Let the shirt dry. Word of caution: fabric paint takes a long time to dry, especially if you go crazy with it. It will dry eventually, but if you are short on time this could be an issue. If you are doing this craft for VBS or a camp, I would not wait until the last day to make the t-shirts.

armor of god bible class crafts for kids

There you have it! Breastplate of Righteousness T-Shirts!

armor of god bible class crafts for kids

Thanks for stopping by today. Check back in soon to see the craft we did for the shoes of the gospel of peace!

Have a great day!

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