How to Administer Eye-drops to a Preschooler in 18 Easy Steps

The other day my 3-year old woke up with her eyes crusted shut with goop. ‘Mommy, I am blind!’ Well, not exactly.. but I was hoping against hope that it was just a fluke and not what I feared. Well, of course she had pink eye. I am not surprised since she is still learning the importance of hand washing after she goes potty. However, after a quick confirmation from the pediatrician, we returned home with a vial of eye-drops and instructions to apply them twice a day for a week. Yeah right. After a few days of this newest ‘adventure in parenting,’ I think we have it figured out though. Check out this hack.. you will want to tape it to the frig!


How to Administer Eye-drops to a Preschooler in 18 Easy Steps

  1. Show your kid the eye-drops and calmly talk about the process.
  2. Chase kid around the house for 10 minutes.
  3. Corner kid in bedroom, any bedroom.
  4. Reason with them about why it will be quick and relatively painless.
  5. Promise them a popsicle if they just put their head on the pillow.
  6. Give them a lecture on why it is important to be brave.
  7. Threaten to put their favorite toy in a timeout.
  8. Promise a special viewing of Frozen in exchange for 10 seconds of their cooperation.
  9. Attempt #1: after 10 minutes of screaming and flailing, call in Dad for reinforcements.
  10. Promise your kid a special toy… any special toy.
  11. Attempt #2: no joy… more screaming and flailing. Dad gets kicked in the face.
  12. Threaten to delete Bubble Guppies from the DVR.
  13. Dad pins your kid’s legs and arms to the bed.
  14. Attempt #3: no joy… you are amazed at how strong your kid’s head is.
  15. While Dad continues to basically sit on your kid, wedge their head in an arm vice.
  16. Attempt #4: Success! You squirt eye-drops in corner of your kid’s eyes while they turn beat red from screaming.
  17. Five minutes later your kid is watching Bubble Guppies, while eating a popsicle, and wearing their brand new Elsa dress.
  18. Apply ice to Dad’s swollen nose.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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  1. This made me laugh a much. My littlest currently has conjunctivitis and we haven’t been able to administer any drops successfully!

  2. We bribed my 2 and 4 year old girls with gummy worms every time they got the eye drops for their pink eye. It helped a little bit.