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9 Fun With Paper Crafts for Kids

These paper crafts for kids are super cute and really easy!

I am beyond thrilled today that Maggy Woodley from the amazing Red Ted Art is guest posting on Sunshine Whispers today. If you are unfamiliar with Maggy, stop everything and click on over to her site (or just read this post) to get brilliant ideas for fun art, crafts and activities you can do with your kids! You can also pick up a copy of her awesome craft book (affiliate link).

Did you know that Origami can be made into simple toys for kids? Oh how much fun we have with Origami! My kids started learning with these simple origami for beginners and now they love it as much as I do.  We absolutely love making Corner Bookmarks, but making simple toys is super fun too. It’s fun to help my kids make their paper crafts and then watch them create story line after story line with their characters. Here are some of our favorite simple toys to make from paper.

paper crafts for kids

  1. If your child loves Pokémon Go or any other Pokémon video game, this is the perfect companion. It’s a simple yellow folded paper bunny with embellishments from markers to make it look like Pokemon.
  2. These Jumping Frogs are not only fun to make but they are so fun to play with. We make them and have races to see whose frog can jump the highest or the longest. I love when a craft turns even more fun!
  3. One of our favorite classic stories is The Three Little Pigs. We made these characters out of paper rolls but the pigs each needed their houses. Paper comes to the rescue.
  4. Paper boats are one of the first paper folding crafts that I learned. These are great because they can be folded from almost any piece of paper. And they are just so cute.
  5. With just a paper clip and some paper these toy Paper Helicopters can be flying and twirling through the air in no time. We have races to see who will fly the farthest and fasted. This is a super fun STEM activity for kids!
  6. Emoji’s can be so much fun! These Emoji Bookmarks are so cute and a perfect bookmark for your techie kids!  
  7. Another super cute corner bookmark is this Panda Bookmark. My kids love using this with all of her animal books.
  8. I remember making paper fans growing up. It was the beginning of my love for paper crafting. These are not your average paper fan, though! These Melon Paper Fans are so stinkin’ cute and actually do keep you cool!
  9. We used to make cootie catchers that would sit in as a fortune teller. I would always land on 10000 kids and my house was the garbage dump. Glad that didn’t turn out! This Shark Cootie Catcher is not like any other cootie catcher I have seen and is perfect for under the sea play! How fun!

Paper crafting is not just for adults. My kids have so much fun, sitting beside their mama, and crafting. They love making simple toys and decorations for their room. It’s so wonderful that our crafts are going to use and helping to feed their imagination! It amazes me how something as simple as a folded piece of paper can lead to an afternoon of creativity. Plus, even if the simple toys get destroyed, it was the process that counts the most and we can easily make a new one.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.