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20 Kid Approved Rainbow Recipes

20 Kid Approved Rainbow Recipes

Oh man… rainbows are just so happy. I used to live in Hawaii and we were treated to rainbows all. the. time. Sometimes, Hawaii really spreads tons of happiness and the sky treats you to a double rainbow. There is really nothing like it anywhere I have ever been. Maybe that is why Hawaiian license plates have a picture of a rainbow on them. So much fun.

Fast forward a few years and now my 6 year old is obsessed.. completely crazy in love with.. rainbows. We love painting rainbows, drawing rainbows, making rainbows out of play dough. 

And why not? Rainbows just make you happy! So, whether you are celebrating the arrival of Spring, St. Patrick’s Day… or that once in a lifetime trip to Oahu, it just makes sense to pump up your experience with a little rainbow food!

Here are 20 ideas that your kids will absolutely love too!

rainbow food

1. Rainbow Slice And Bake Cookies by Crazy For Crust

Can you even believe these slice and bake cookies resemble a rainbow so much. They are so cute!

2. Rainbow Swirl Buttercream Frosting by The Bewitchin Kitchen

Hmmmm, I want to stick my finger in that swirl and lick every bit off.. yummy!

3. Rainbow Fudge by Wine And Glue

This I love. Wow. The colors are so brilliant. Plus, it’s fudge! Come on! That is genius!

4. Chocolate Covered Rainbow Strawberries by Love Bakes Good Cakes

Wow, these look fun. This would be a fun recipe to try with your kids. And hey.. strawberries count as healthy, right?

5. DIY Tie Dye Smores by Studio DIY

You can really bring your kid’s next sleep over or camping trip to the next level with these smores. Wow. So delicious!

rainbow food

6. Rainbow Waffles by Princess Pinky Girl

This recipe screams family fun day at home! This would be great to try on a staycation too!

7. Rainbow Poke Cake by Something Swanky

If you wanted to make a cool birthday cake, or surprise your next book club, this cake would definitely do the trick!

8. Rainbow Smoothie by This Mama Loves

I know this has to be healthy. It’s a smoothie, right? Aren’t we supposed to eat the rainbow? This looks delicious!

9. Fresh Fruit Rainbow Popsicles by Temecula Blogs

These refreshing popsicles appear to be dairy free. This would be such a fun way to get your fruit servings in!

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10. Rainbow Cupcakes by The Girl Who Ate Everything

Oh my goodness! Even the wrapper is rainbow! And that rainbow bridge? Wow! I love everything about this cupcake!

rainbow recipes

11. Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies by Kleinworth And Co.

These are really sweet and would be great for a tea party!

12. Lucky Rainbow Bark by The Domestic Rebel

What a crowd pleaser.. and so easy to make!

13. Rainbow Marbled PoP Tarts by Aww Sam

I love the pastel rainbow colors on these pop tarts. They look utterly amazing.

14. Rainbow Cheesecake Dip by Crazy For Crust

What do you dip in this dip? Nilla Wafers? Butter cookies? Sign me up!

15. Rainbow Cake by Wine And Glue

Another awesome idea for a tea party.. these little cakes look so delicate and pretty!

rainbow food

16. Rainbow Cookies by Pint Sized Baker

These would be perfect for a kid’s classroom or play date. Plus everyone gets the color they want!

17. Rainbow Cupcakes by The Happier Homemaker

Again with the pastels. I love the pretty color of these cupcakes.

18. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes by Studio DIY

This is such a fun idea. So pretty!

19. Rainbow Bark by Princess Pinky Girl

That rainbow candy is the best. Another fun crowd pleaser. I bet your kid’s could totally help you make this!

20. St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cookies by Amanda’s Cookin’

These rainbow cookies are so creative! I love them!

rainbow recipes

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