10 Travel-Themed At Home Date Night Ideas

10 Travel-Themed At Home Date Night Ideas

Spend some quality time traveling without spending any money on gas! Try out these travel-themed at home date night ideas!

Traveling the world can be so exciting, but that’s not always possible as a busy mom. But, if you’re looking for a fun travel-themed date idea, you can easily recreate a travel-like experience right in your own home! From fun dinner dates to seeing the sights from your home, here are ten travel-themed at-home date night ideas.

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Cook an exotic meal

Try a different cuisine from another culture! It can be something simple like enchiladas or something complex like Korean barbecue. Go for something a little more challenging than you’re used to to make it more fun.

Go “camping”

Set up your tent and have a campout right there in your own backyard! Spend a night cuddling in a tent while your kids are just a short distance away (no babysitter needed). This is perfect if you want to go camping as a couple but can’t leave your kids at home.

Have a themed cocktail hour

Choose a theme for the evening and make cocktails inspired by that theme. This can make you feel like you’re traveling even when you’re just enjoying your cocktails from the porch. Look up popular cocktails from different countries to plan your menu.

Have a fondue night

Experiment with different types of fondue and have a cozy night, just like you would on a winter vacation. You can do cheese, chocolate, or even just regular fondue cooking right at home.

Watch a documentary or location-based movie

If you are missing a specific place, look for a movie in that location! You can even incorporate this into a whole country-themed date night. You can choose a meal and a movie to make the whole night work together.

Take an online cooking class

Look for a new cuisine and learn how to cook it online! You can cook together and learn how to make a fantastic new dish at the same time. This would pair well with a movie night, too, so that you can enjoy your food and an excellent location movie.

Take a virtual tour

Many museums and zoos have virtual tours or sneak peek that you can look at! You might be able to see artwork online or even go through an entire museum. Set up your computer and sit back while you travel through a distant place.

Have a wine tasting

Try a bunch of different wines from all over the world! They will taste very different and make for a fun at-home date night since no one has to drive!

Watch a foreign film

Immerse yourself in another culture with an at-home movie night! This is great for a last-minute date night too. 

Watch the sunrise or sunset

Go outside and watch the sunrise or set with your significant other. Not only is this romantic, but a great way to step outside of your house together.

No matter what kind of date you’re looking for, these at-home date night ideas are great out-of-the-box date options for when you want to change things up.

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