How Much Should You Tip At Disney?

How Much Should You Tip At Disney?

Tipping is handled differently all over the world, and it can be rude to ignore the custom when it is expected. Use these tipping tips to help you next time you’re at Disney! This is how much you should tip at Disney.

Whether you booked your Disney trip through a travel agent, or this is your first time going to Disney, tipping can be a bit of a confusing subject for Disney guests. International guests come from all over the world where tipping customs are slightly different, and in some situations, it can be not very clear to know if you’re even allowed to tip at all. To help clear the confusion, here is a guide to help you find out how much you should be tipping at Disney.

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Table Service Restaurants

When it comes to table service restaurants, you should treat these places as regular restaurants. Whether you are on the Disney Dining Plan or not, you should try to leave an 18-25% tip depending on how the service experience was.

Buffet Restaurants

If you are expected to go and get your food yourself, then tipping about 10% at a buffet is okay. However, if you eat at a family-style dining location (where food is brought to you), this would fall under a table service tipping amount.

Quick Service Restaurants 

Since no waiters come to your table and order and take your own food, you’re not expected to tip here. However, if a cast member did an excellent job, consider leaving a tip to show your appreciation.


If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, you will want to leave a tip for your room service. It is customary to tip about $1 per person in your room, and your Mousekeepers will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Disney Provided Transportation

Many transportation options are free except for Disney Minnie Van services. Because this is free, it is not expected to tip your driver. Some cast members may even be unable to accept your tip. However, if you’re on the Magical Express, you may be able to tip your driver if they are handling your luggage.


Throughout your trip, whether at the airport or when you arrive at your hotel, chances are there will be people there ready to help you with your belongings. If you decide to accept this help, it’s a good rule of thumb to tip $2-3 per bag. If you have a lot of bags or they are cumbersome, consider tipping more.

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Valet Parking

Deluxe resorts and some offsite hotels offer valet parking to their resort guests and visitors. These are usually available for a fee, but in addition to that fee, you should tip the attendant about $2-5 for each time they get your car.

Front Desk and Other Cast Members

Every Walt Disney Hotel will have a concierge desk where you can get directions, get your tickets, help get dining reservations, and more. While you don’t have to tip, it can go a long way if you do! This person has helped make some of your vacation plans and helped you out! Tipping them about $5-$10 as a thank you will mean the world to them.

No matter where you are staying or how long you are staying, hopefully, this guide will help you figure out how much you should tip and when in Disney.

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