Super Easy Pompom Flag Crafts for Kids!

This little pompom flag crafts for kids idea is so easy and so cute. The entire craft took maybe 20 minutes to do with Sweet Pea (not including drying time), and she was actually able to do most of the craft herself with just a little guidance. Read on to find out how to create this fun flag!

pompom flag crafts for kids

Pompom Flag Crafts for Kids

pompom flag crafts for kids

Materials Needed:

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How to Make the Pompom Flag

  • To make it easier to do the craft successfully with Sweet Pea (aka, to minimize the risk that she would start throwing pompoms everywhere), I separated each color pompom into its own bowl.
  • We worked row by row. I squeezed a generous line of glue across the top of the canvas.
  • Sweet Pea and I worked together to put the pompoms on the row of glue. This was a great counting activity and color recognition activity, especially for the rows that had two colors of pompoms. I would instruct Sweet Pea to put four blue pompoms on the glue, and we would count them together.

pompom flag crafts for kids

  • After the blue section of the flag was completed, the rest of the flag was even easier to make. Again, this was a great exercise for simple pattern recognition. if we had just completed a white row, I would ask Sweet Pea which color was next.. red! Once I applied the next row of glue, she pretty much stuck all the pompoms on herself.

pompom flag crafts for kids

  • For the multi-colored rows, we used four blue pompoms and about nine red or white pompoms. For the rows that were only one color, we didn’t count. Note: If I am going to be my own critic, I would probably make the blue section five rows of five. Four rows of four looks fine, but I think it would be even better with the extra row of blue.

pompom flag crafts for kids

  • After the pompoms are stuck on, you can add the ‘stars.’ We used medium-sized white buttons. Clearly, we weren’t going to get 50 buttons on this flag. However, I think the five ‘representative’ stars look awfully cute too!
  • Once the front of the flag is dry, cut a 8-10″ piece of patriotic-themed ribbon and glue the ends to the back of the canvas in order to hang your flag. Tip: Glue the front part of the ribbon to the back of the canvas. Also, make sure you glue the ribbon under the back ridge of the canvas as well. Alternatively, you could hot glue the ribbon to the back of the canvas to ensure it doesn’t come off too easily.

pompom flag crafts for kids

Isn’t this the cutest little flag you have seen?

We had a great time making it and I hope you will too if you try it with your kids!

Thanks for reading!

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