National Parks Travel Must Haves

National Parks Travel Must Haves

Make sure you pack well before your next National Park trip! These items are definitely on our list for National Parks Travel Must Haves!

Packing the right things for your trip is just as important as choosing which National Park you plan on visiting. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the trek out to a National Park only to realize I forgot something important like extra water or snacks. Instead of having to go without or pay overpriced alternatives from the store before you get there, here are some of my must have National Park supplies so you don’t forget a thing! No matter what park you’re visiting, this list can at least help you get started. However, please research the park you’re going to before you start packing.

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National Parks Travel Must Haves

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Good Hiking Shoes

A good pair of hiking shoes can help save your feet on long hikes!


Weatherproof Hat

Weather you need to keep your head from getting sunburnt or warm, you’ll be glad you have this handy hat made for the great outdoors.



Don’t forget to pack this must have item on your next trip to any national park.


Chapstick with SPF

Protect your lips from the sun and from getting chapped with this pocket must have.



Keep all your essentials with you as you navigate the parks with this handy backpack.


Cooler Backpack

Keep your food and drinks cold for long hikes with the help of this cooler backpack.


First Aid Kit

Make sure that you’re prepared for any emergency by having a first aid kit on hand.


Energy Bars

Stay energized and keep these handy for quick protein when you need it.


Blister Protection

Prevent and manage blisters while you’re enjoying the parks with this secret savor.


Large Water Bottle

Make sure you pack plenty of water with the help of this large water bottle.


Packable Rain Jacket

Never get caught in the rain with the help of this packable rain jacket.


National Park Fold Out Map

Make sure you keep a map of the park you’re visiting with you to ensure you always know where you’re going. 



These are great for night hiking or when you are exploring your campsite in the dark.



You never know when you’ll be caught in the dark! Make sure you keep one of these handy.


Polarized Sunglasses

Perfect for blocking out UV light and helping you on those sunny day hikes.


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