Easy Butterfly Crafts for Kids

This butterfly crafts for kids is great because it is super easy, super cute, and it allows younger kids to explore the process of creating art, but still produce a cute end product. Read on for how to create these cute butterflies!

butterfly crafts for kids

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Easy Dot Paint Marker Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Materials Needed:

butterfly crafts for kids

I love this craft so much because Sweet Pea can do almost the entire craft by herself, even as a 2-year old. In addition to that, the craft itself only takes a few minutes. I think we completed the entire craft from start to finish in less than 20 minutes. Finally, because the painting is done with dot paint markers, there was little to no mess. We didn’t even use a smock!

butterfly crafts for kids

How to Make Dot Paint Marker Butterfly Crafts for Kids:

  • Set out the dot paint markers (you might want to take the caps off the markers first) and the white paper and let your kid play around. There are no right or wrong ways to do this craft.
  • Be prepared to paint yourself. Sweet Pea insisted I join in the fun and really, how could I resist?
  • Let the paint dry.
  • Fold the painted paper in half and cut out the wing shape so that the butterfly’s wings are symmetrical.

butterfly crafts for kids

  • To decorate the butterfly body, just unscrew the tops of the glitter glue tubes and let your kiddo squeeze out the glue onto the foam craft stick.
  • Apply two small dots of glue to the top of the butterfly body/craft stick and affix the googly eyes.
  • Cut a small piece (maybe 2″ long) from a pipe cleaner.
  • Fold the pipe cleaner in half and glue to the back of the butterfly body, behind where you placed the eyes.
  • When both the paint and glue are dried, glue the butterfly body to the wings.

butterfly crafts for kids

Isn’t that easy and cute?

As an aside, I love the fact that with both the paint and glitter glue tubes, Sweet Pea got to practice squeezing and building hand strength. Gross motor skills anyone?

butterfly crafts for kids

Thanks for reading and happy crafting with your kids!

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