Cultivate Positive Self Image in Kids

Cultivate Positive Self Image in Kids

A positive self-image is so important, and getting kids started young will make it easier for them in the coming years! Here are some quick tips on how to cultivate positive self image in kids!

Self-image is important for kids, especially when they are young. Our children learn to accept themselves, love themselves, and build their self-esteem from a young age. However, creating a positive self-image isn’t the kind of thing you figure out on your own. Discussing with your children at a young age about self-image can help them learn more about it and develop a positive self-image. Here are a few ways to help cultivate a positive self-image in kids.

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Be supportive

Sometimes our children may come to us with feelings of insecurity or ask for help. A teen who has just gotten their first pimple or a child who is shy about their crooked teeth may come to us for support and reassurance. Be supportive and listen to what they have to say.

If they are dealing with imperfections like pimples, you can walk them through proper skincare and go with them to pick out some products. This can not only be a way to help encourage them and rebuild some of their broken self-esteem but show that you are there to support and understand them.

Praise kids in a way that builds self-esteem

Praise your kids in a way that will help teach them to be proud of the things they’ve worked toward and accomplished. You don’t have to praise them for everything they did, but it’s important that your kids know when they’ve worked hard and succeeded at something and when they haven’t.

This will play a huge role in how they feel about themselves and help build their self-esteem. Learning to praise them in ways that build their esteem is something you can start at any age.

Demonstrate their uniqueness

Ask your child what makes them unique? What do you love? Explore these answers with them and help them get excited about the things that make them unique. It could be a scar that they had from when they were younger or even their natural hair.

Simultaneously, help them identify things that make them weak and assure them that these are part of what makes them who they are. Praise them for the things that make them unique and help inspire them to understand and love those features about themself.

Model positive self-image

If you want your children to have a healthy self-image about themselves, a great place to start is within ourselves. Remember that many of the things we teach our children are things they observe from us. Have a good attitude about yourself. That and a positive self-image can be things that your children pick up rather than teaching them with your words. If you have a good concept of who you are and a positive self-image, your kids will learn to have one as well.

Parenting is hard work, and our kids will never see themselves the way we see them! While you don’t want your children to turn out vain and see themselves as perfect, we do want to make sure they learn to love themselves and accept themselves for who they are!


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