The Best Movies for Picky Families to Watch

The Best Movies for Picky Families to Watch

Are you trying to find movies that everyone in the family will enjoy? This list of the best movies for picky families to watch is full of great options!

Sitting down together as a family and watching movies is a great idea. There are so many great ways to bond over movies that are hard to deny. But what happens when no one in the family can decide on what to watch? If you don’t want to cancel your family movie night (because who does?!), why not focus on a few movies that everyone can learn to love.

Because when it comes to movies, being open to watching movies that bring others happiness can be a great action, too.

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Here are some of the best movies for picky families to watch! Cue up some of these fun flicks and pop up the popcorn to enjoy! 

Fun Movies For Everyone In the Family

The great part about all of these movies is that everyone can join in on the fun. Rated for family fun and sure to hold everyone’s attention.

The Sandlot

What more could you want in a film? Baseball, suspense, a giant dog, and a group of friends committed to summertime fun. This classic movie is an oldie but goodie and will have everyone glued to the set until the end credits are rolling. 

Inside Out

If you’re looking for an animated movie, this is one of the best. With so many different fun emotions and characters, it’s almost a given that everyone in the family will be able to find a relatable character. 

Freaky Friday

Kids and adults can appreciate this wacky flick. Not only is this movie a ton of fun to watch, but it’s also super great to sit and talk about afterward as well. Ask the kids what their opinions would be to change spots with you. It’s sure to start some great talking points! 

Harry and the Hendersons

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Even if you don’t, you’re going to love this one. His bark is definitely worse than his bite, and he’s going to warm everyone’s heart. The kids will love the silly antics that he pulls, and the parents will appreciate the family teamwork that comes together in the film.

Toy Story

This is one of the best movies for families ever. Talking toys? Yes, please. The graphics are geared towards the kids, but the movie lines have some real zingers that are sure to get laughs out of the adults as well. 


Not only is this just a great family movie, but it’s also super fun to pair up with a dinner and a movie night theme as well. Cook up a delicious dinner and have a fun meal with the show.

As you can see, this list of movie ideas for families varies from real-life movies to cartoons. Schedule one of these per week, and you’ll make your way through the list in no time at all.

Which of these movies for picky families are you going to start with first? 

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