10 Mistakes You Are Making That Is Keeping You From Affordable Travel

10 Mistakes You Are Making That Is Keeping You From Affordable Travel

Looking for tips on how to travel on the cheap? These affordable travel tips will help you get out of the house and start to explore! These are the best tips for affordable family travel!

Do you ever feel like travel is just so far out of reach? Like no matter how much you save, it will never be enough? If you’ve been daydreaming of family travel for a while now, the chances are that you are what’s standing in your way! Here are ten mistakes that you could be making that are keeping you from affordable family travel.

Tips for Affordable Travel

You plan based on a destination

Instead of planning your trip around a destination, do some research. Look up flights and hotel prices for six months out based on the lowest fare. Let that determine where you go.

You always travel during peak season

Peak season is different for every location, but if you are only going during peak season, you will still pay more than any other time of the year!

You aren’t willing to explore different kinds of accommodations

If you are always looking for a 5-star hotel, you’ll always be saving up for a trip! Instead, consider other types of accommodations such as hostels, camping, or even RVing!

You’re always paying full price

No matter where you are going, you can find a discount on something! Look for ways to save money, whether it’s with coupons and discount codes or taking advantage of special offers.

You don’t have loyalty to an airline or a hotel chain

Bouncing around from airline to airline or hotels is a great way to always pay more for your travel expenses! Many airlines and hotels are only a few dollars different! Stick with one, when it makes sense, and rack up rewards so you can start earning free nights and flights.

You splurge on little extras

Extras could be everything from bottled soda or water to small snacks at the airport. These little purchases might not seem like much, but when you consider that you get free snacks and drinks on the plane, they really could be keeping you from staying on budget!

You’re overspending on gas

If you are driving to your destination, or even just around town while you’re traveling, stopping at the closest gas station could be costing you! Instead, use apps such as Gas Buddy to help you find the cheapest gas station near you when it’s time to fill up.

You don’t take advantage of free entertainment

Every city, country, and state has some amount of free entertainment! While Las Vegas can be very expensive, there are also enough free activities that you could go a whole day without spending money on entertainment! Look for free activities and ways to pass the time when planning your trip.

You have a “treat yourself” mindset when you’re on vacation

Yes, you are on vacation, but that doesn’t mean that you can fall into a treat-yourself mentality. People who treat themselves on every trip end up taking fewer trips.

You don’t plan your trip far in advance

In most cases, the further out you plan, the more money you’ll end up saving on your entire trip! This gives you more time to plan, look for deals, and you won’t be at the mercy of the highest price available!

If you are hoping to save up money for family travel, I hope that this inspires you to take action and start saving!

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