10 Strange Things We Bring On Family Vacations

10 Strange Things We Bring On Family Vacations

Looking for items to bring on your next family vacation? Here are some strange things that we bring on family vacations. Maybe you’ll get some great ideas, too! 

Tis the season for family vacations and excursions! These days we are traveling a little more, and it got me thinking about some of the weird things we take with us on nearly every trip we take. If you are having trouble packing, here are ten strange things we bring on family vacations that you may want to bring too.

Items To Take On Vacation

An Empty Bottle

We always keep an empty bottle with us. Why? If you’re flying, you can’t bring a full water bottle through TSA, so this way, we can fill it once we’ve entered the airport for easy drinking water!

Post-it Notes

You never know when you need to jot something down quickly! These can also be used to leave notes for each other if you will be splitting up during your trip at all. You can even get colored ones and assign a color to each person if you need to color-code anything for your trip.

Outdoor Toys

If your kids will be playing outside, having some outdoor toys can be a lot of fun! We don’t bring giant toys, but a few fun outdoor toys or water guns can make a vacation more fun.

A Quick Dry Towel

You never know when you’ll need an extra towel handy. This is great for cleaning up a quick spill in the car or for quickly rinsing your kids’ hair before you get in the car after a day at the beach.

Instant Oatmeal

We’ve all been there when you’ve overslept and missed breakfast! Having instant oatmeal handy can mean the difference between being starving until lunch or getting a quick filling snack in before you leave the room.


This is great for labeling items or even just marking cups during your trip. You never know when you might need one!

Trash Bags

You can use these in the car for holding trash, dirty laundry, or to keep things from getting your car sandy! You can pick up a pack of inexpensive ones at the Dollar Tree for a cheap and usable option.


Extra clothes, toothpaste, you name it! Nothing is worse than not having enough clothes or toothpaste while traveling! Don’t go overboard but maybe consider packing a few extras of the essentials, like underwear.

A Formal Outfit

Formal attire will be expensive to buy on a whim. Pack a simple dress or something just in case you decide to dress up for dinner one night. You don’t need a prom gown, but something nice should do the trick.

Insulated Tumbler

This is great for refilling water or having something to drink while you’re in the room. They’re way better than the cheap paper cups you get at most hotels. Let’s face it; if you have more than two people in your room, you’ll need more cups anyway.

These items won’t be helpful for everyone; however, if you keep these handy, then you may be a bit more prepared than you would if you didn’t have these items!

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