Super Easy Homemade Valentine Crafts for Kids

Ok, this is embarrassing. I almost didn’t even want to share this craft idea with you because it is ridiculously easy. Then I remembered that if you are anything like me, you need something in your life that is ridiculously easy, right? Well, how would you like to get credit for homemade valentines this year without putting out much effort at all? What if these homemade valentines were also a great, easy, and relatively mess free craft you could do with even very young kids (think 2 years old and under)? Well, read on to check out these super easy homemade Valentine crafts for kids we made for Sweet Pea’s class last year. We had so much fun putting them together. I bet you would have a blast with your kids too!

homemade valentine crafts for kids

Super Easy Homemade Valentine Crafts for Kids

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Materials Needed

How to Make the Valentines

Ok, this is the ridiculously easy part. Are you ready?

homemade valentine crafts for kids

  • Put pompoms and jewels into separate bowls or containers. You don’t have to separate them, but it might encourage your kid to add some variety. If your kid is anything like Sweet Pea, they are liable to pick 100 purple pompoms and call it a day.
  • Write a variety of greetings on the craft foam hearts, before decorating them. I just used standard greetings like ‘Be Mine,’ ‘Be My Valentine,’ ‘My Friend,’ etc.. If your kid is older, they might enjoy writing the sentiment on the foam heart themselves.
  • For little kids (probably 3 and under), squeeze glue dots all over the foam heart. If your kid is older, they can do this step themselves as well.
  • Let you kid decorate the hearts with the craft jewels and pompoms.
  • Let your Valentines dry!

homemade valentine crafts for kids

That’s it! We made enough for every kid in Sweet Pea’s class at daycare and at Bible class. Total time on task was less than 20 minutes.

Didn’t they turn out cute? The best part? Everyone was totally enamored by these cute Valentines. Perfect!

homemade valentine crafts for kids

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