Simple Handprint Flower Crafts for Kids

Sometimes the most simple crafts for kids are also the most adorable. Check out this cute handprint flower crafts for kids. I got the idea for this simple craft from Sweet Pea’s school. Once again, her teachers amazed me with their creativity. Of course, we had to try them at home. Read on to find out more!

simple handprint flower crafts for kids

Simple Handprint Flower Crafts for Kids

Ok, I have a confession to make. It was next to impossible to take pictures of Sweet Pea creating this mini masterpiece. The handprint stamping took both of my hands and one of hers. However, I think the craft is so simple, a brief explanation of how we created the flowers should be enough to inspire you (I hope anyways).

What you will need:

  • Tempura paint in the color of the flowers you want to paint. We made two handprint flowers and used purple and yellow tempura paint.
  • Green tempura paint for the stems and grass.
  • Three paintbrushes and a container for the paint.
  • 1 sheet of white poster board or cardstock.

simple handprint flower crafts for kids

How to create the flowers:

  • Paint your kid’s hand (palm side) with the first color. Make sure you fully cover the hand but don’t paint the hand too much or the flower will be gloppy.
  • Help your child stamp their hand onto the paper three or four times so that the handprints form a flower. You will likely need to repaint the hand in between each hand ‘stamp.’
  • Wash the first color paint off your hands and your kid’s hand.
  • Paint your kid’s hand with the second color and follow the same directions previously provided.
  • Wash the second color paint off your kid’s hands.

simple handprint flower crafts for kids

  • For the center of the flower, dip the tip of your kid’s thumb in the complementary color. For our flowers, we used yellow and purple.
  • Use the painted thumb to paint/stamp the center of the flower. There will be about 4 thumbprints per color/flower.
  • Use a clean paintbrush to freehand paint a simple stem and grass for the picture.

Isn’t that easy?

simple handprint flower crafts for kids

Thanks for reading!

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