Howard County Nature Programs for Infants and Toddlers

 Are you a Mom/caregiver of an infant or toddler who lives in Howard County? Are you looking for a fun and accessible way to introduce your child to the natural world? Check out the Howard County Conservancy, located at the Mount Pleasant Farm in Woodstock, MD. Connecting with nature is incredibly important for young children. It sparks their imagination and sense of wonder and promotes both physical and social well-being. However, taking an infant or toddler on a hike can seem daunting to a new Mom.

The Howard County Conservancy has a number of programs starting in the coming weeks specifically designed to help young children and their caregivers connect with nature. Stephanie Holzman, a naturalist and education assistant, who works both with the Conservancy and with the Irvine Nature Center in Baltimore County, will lead two programs. The first program is designed for Moms and caregivers who would like to go on short hikes while carrying their infant in a sling or backpack. “Babes” in the Woods will run every Wednesday from 930-11AM, August 27th through September 17th. If you are interested in this program but are not familiar or comfortable with baby-wearing techniques, Greenberries will be hosting a free Mobile Baby-wearing Clinic at the Conservancy on Sunday August 24th at 930AM.


The second program, Stories Under the Sycamore,is a hike designed specifically with toddlers/new walkers in mind. This short hike will include lots of time for meandering, plus a story time. The program will run Mondays from 930-11AM, starting September 8th through September 29th. Both programs cost $10/child per session. For more information or to register, you can email Stephanie at


Thanks for reading and go out and enjoy nature with your kids!




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  1. Oh! I remember so well during our bringing-up years the number of hikes we took with our three children…the cheapest and most entertaining kind of activity on the planet. I also remember our camping trip in the Adirondacks where the kids slept “in” the truck and my hubby and I slept under it. Nature was everywhere; and, coupled with vivid imaginations, our kiddos had a blast. Nature is a natural – and even though we are now in our late 60s, there is no better entertainment than being with each other out in nature. I hope young parents take advantage of the great tip you have given them.