God Answers. God Hears.

There are many commentators who call Isaiah a study in hope. I can see why. In Isaiah, God lays out his promises, His assurances to us. He foreshadows the sacrifice of the cross. He spells out the kind of relationship He wants with us, and gives us a preview of His glory in return. Check out this week’s Sunshine for Your Week for more thoughts on why God gives us hope.

sunshine for your week

Sunshine for Your Week: God Answers. God Hears.

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by someone? Your spouse? A friend? Maybe your child? Have you ever had someone practically read your mind and then meet a need or want that you just barely realized you had? It feels pretty great, doesn’t it? That has happened to me a few times and it always makes me warm inside… not so much because of the loving act, but the fact that for that moment in time, someone ‘got’ me. Someone thought about me in such a way that they put themselves in my shoes and tried to anticipate something they could do for me that would bring me joy.

Pleasant surprises are such because they don’t typically happen very often. Our close friends and family mean well. However, at the end of the day they have needs to be met and desires to be satisfied as well. But God never fails.

God is so great at fulfilling our needs, that He knows what we need before we even ask for it. He patiently listens to us with no agenda other than His desire to be in relationship with us. And… when  our words fail us, His spirit intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words (Romans 8:26).

That.. that assurance of God’s steadfastness definitely makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. How about you? Better yet, God’s assurances like this one form the bedrock of my hope. My hope in my salvation and the hope I have in goodness of an eternal God who is not too busy or too powerful to stop, listen to me, and meet my needs in a way I could never do for myself.

That kind of sunshine is pretty amazing!

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  1. What an encouragement to reminder so tenderly of our relationship in Christ with one another and with our Lord and our God. Reading the blog post is a great way for me to start a new day.