God Has Called You By Name!

Have you ever been afraid of what the future will hold? Guess what? I definitely have! It seems the older I get, the more opportunities I have to wade into treacherous and uncharted territory. What does God say about uncertain times? Fearful times? Sad times? Read on for a few thoughts on his promise to us and why that is so incredible comforting. For more encouragement check out more Sunshine for Your Week!

sunshine for your week

Sunshine For Your Week: God has called you by name!

Have you ever made a decision that led you down an unfamiliar and scary path? Maybe you took a job in a new town. Perhaps you ended a relationship with someone you once loved dearly. Maybe you are faced with death, illness, or other brokenness. Let God’s words encourage you!

God has ransomed you! God paid the price for you and called you by name. It wasn’t happenstance. It wasn’t luck. God knew to look for you and he singled you out for his favor. So, don’t doubt that he will absolutely take care of you and lead you through whatever dark times are shaking your confidence.

Does God’s promise mean you won’t face hardship or adversity.. or even uncertain times? No– you will still find yourself in deep waters. You will still have to fight against the current. However, God has promised that no matter what adversity you face, you will not drown. He will always be with you… and why? Because God is eternal. God is not bound by this earth. So, even if the deep waters we navigate threaten to crush us, the fact that we are called by him means that no matter what… we will be just fine. We will be just fine because our path will eventually bring us home to the bosom of the Father.

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  1. Sara, TU for this encouragement – a reminder of how personal our God is to and for each one of us! That is one relationship we cannot afford to go without, for sure.

  2. I am glad I discovered this linkup. You both write such inspirational posts to go along with it. This post reminds me of this song, “He Knows My Name” that my daughter has sung at church.

    1. I appreciate you too Anne. I am a huge fan of your blog (if you haven’t noticed). Thanks for linking up! Sara πŸ™‚