Family Fun at Prigel Family Creamery in Baltimore County

Prigel Family Creamery

The Prigel Family Creamery in Glen Arm, MD scoops up some amazingly creamy ice cream. You can hang out with the cows and enjoy the farm. The creamery’s location is gorgeous.

Nestled along a winding country road in Eastern Baltimore County, the Prigel Family Creamery has been in the dairy farming business for over 5 generations. The creamery sits on Bellevale Farm in Glen Arm. They also have a storefront in Baltimore at Belvedere Square. And they serve their ice cream and other products at the Fells Point Farmers Market.

What does Prigel Family Creamery offer?

Prigel Family Creamery

As one of less than 10 ice cream shops on the Maryland Ice Cream Trail, Prigel Family Creamery makes their ice cream from the dairy cows on the farm. However, ice cream is not the only thing Prigel Creamery offers. They offer milk, grass-fed beef, and pasture raised pork. You can order ice cream cakes, cheese boards, and gourmet ice cream sandwiches.

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Delicious Ice Cream Treats

Prigel Family Creamery

But let’s be honest, you want to visit Prigel Family Creamery with your kids because of the ice cream! And the ice cream is super delicious!

Every day they offer different flavors because they mix the flavors by hand in the on site ice cream factory. In addition to ice cream by the scoop there are so many other fun treats.Try an old fashioned float, edible cookie dough, a sundae, or waffle cone. There is a full menu of gourmet shakes too, including cereal shakes (you choose the cereal and the ice cream).

Prigel Family Creamery

In addition to ice cream you can eat lunch or dinner at the creamery. The Market has a small but delicious menu of sandwiches, snacks (including shareable cheese boards), and other treats. There are even kid’s options– PB&J meal or a cheese and crackers meal. When we visited I had ham and pimento cheese sliders. They were amazing.

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See the cows!

Prigel Family Creamery

One of the fun things about bringing your kids to a creamery that makes the ice cream on site is you can literally see the cows whose milk went into your ice cream! The cows at the Prigel Family Creamery are grazing in the pasture right next to the main building. You can get pretty close to them. There are also a few other farm animals your kids would enjoy seeing as well.

Prigel Family Creamery

Seasonal Events

Prigel Family Creamery hosts special events throughout the year. On the first Saturday in February stop by for National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (one of our favorite fun holidays).

At Christmas time you can visit and decorate gingerbread cookies and drink hot cocoa with your kids. They hold a small scale Fall Festival complete with hayride, pumpkin painting, hot cider, and more. And in the summer they routinely have special events including live music and other family friendly festivities.

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Prigel Family Creamery

Ice Cream Factory Tour

But one of the coolest events they have is the Interactive Factory Ice Cream Tour! These tours are fantastic for kids, adults, and even grandparents. Kids of all ages can attend, but only kids age 3 and up will get the full experience (ie: the ice cream at the end).

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Prigel Family Creamery

The tour starts with a cheese sampling, and then the farmer brings you out to the pasture to interact with the cows. The cows are super friendly and gentle, and you can pet them (if they let you).

Prigel Family Creamery

Then you return to the main building and get a demonstration of the ice cream making process. After that, you get a freshly made pint (maybe bigger) of vanilla ice cream.

Prigel Family Creamery

You are at a work station table that is covered with all kinds of ice cream mix-ins. There are dry ingredients like oreo cookie pieces, chocolate chips, heath chips, peanuts, sprinkles, coffee grinds, and more.

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Prigel Family Creamery

There are flavor extracts and wet ingredients like chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, and marshmallow.

Prigel Family Creamery

Mix away! There are no rules. You can make whatever fun flavor you want.

Prigel Family Creamery

After you are done, you stick your creation in the deep freeze. When you are ready to leave, bring the ice cream home with you!

Prigel Family Creamery

And then you go back to the main creamery and enjoy a flight of ice cream. The four flavors we sampled were salted caramel, chocolate, strawberry, and mint chip. They were delicious.

Prigel Family Creamery

The cost of the tour is $30/person (age 3 and up) and the tour lasts a little longer than 1 hour.

Prigel Family Creamery

Overall, we all had a blast on our tour and I would highly recommend this as a family fun activity!

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Where is the Prigel Family Creamery located?

Address: 4852 Long Green Rd, Glen Arm, MD 21057
Google Map Directions link

What are the hours of operation for the Prigel Family Creamery?

Monday-Thursday 12pm-7pm; Friday-Saturday 12pm-8pm; Sunday-closed

Are there public restrooms at the creamery?

There is a port-a-potty next to the main building

What is the website for Prigel Family Creamery?

Click here to learn more

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Prigel Family Creamery

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