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Black Glue Maize Corn Craft for Kids

I am totally in love with black glue crafts. So, of course I had to create a super cute and super fun fall-themed craft. This black glue maize corn craft for kids is so much fun! Once you figure out how to make black glue (there is a tutorial below), you can really make the craft pop with liquid watercolors!

black glue crafts for kids

How to Make a Black Glue Corn Maize Craft

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What you need to make this craft

How to make the Maize Corn craft

  1. Take the top off of the Elmer’s glue and squirt probably 6 or 7 good squirts of black acrylic paint into the glue bottle. Use the dowel or stick to mix the glue and paint together until you have black glue. If you want a better explanation, check out this very helpful Youtube video:

  1. Print a copy of the craft template (see below to snag the FREE template for this craft). You can either print the craft template as a single sheet of paper (I would recommend printing it onto white cardstock).

corn craft for kids

  1. Place a sheet of white card stock over the template and trace the outline with a pencil. Pro tip: If you want to shine a light behind the paper so you can see to trace it, open your front door. In the daytime hold the two sheets of paper against the glass screen door from inside the house. At night, hold the two sheets of paper against the glass screen door from outside the house.

black glue corn craft

  1. Squeeze a little black glue onto a scrap sheet of paper just to make sure the glue is black, not grey.
  2. With a steady hand, trace the corn outline with the black glue. Don’t worry if the glue is runny or if it pools and obscures some of the drawing details. That is part of the charm of doing black glue crafts. If it is important to you to not have the glue run too much though, use a glue applicator with a finer point nose.
  3. Let your finished black glue tracing dry completely. Usually it will be dry within 24 hours.
  4. Once the black glue is completely dry, you are ready to paint. I used a dollar store ice cube tray as a palette to squirt liquid watercolors into. For the corn kernels, use red, yellow, orange, and brown. I tried to alternate the pattern of the colors for variety. For the corn husk, use green for the outer husk. For the inner husk mix green with yellow to create a light green. It won’t take much watercolor paint to finish your painting.

black glue crafts

Isn’t this a lovely black glue corn craft for the fall?

black glue corn craft

Of course, if you wanted to add a little flair, you could always turn your corn into a puppet because, you know, googly eyes make everything fun!

Use either Elmer’s Glue or craft glue to glue large googly eyes, a large orange pom pom nose, and a red craft foam mouth onto the corn.

Then, trim the white paper/cut the corn puppet out. Apply a liberal amount of glue to all but 2 inches of the craft stick and affix the corn puppet to the craft stick. Let dry.

black glue maize corn craft

Isn’t this so much fun?

Would you like more Fall Themed Black Glue craft ideas? Check out these gorgeous crafts as well (links below the photo).

black glue crafts for kids

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Don’t forget to snag your FREE Maize Corn Craft Template here!

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