Soaring Above the Storms: A Prayer for Focus

It is really easy to get distracted in life, isn’t it? Too many items on the to-do list. Too many immediate demands. Everything is important. The paradox is that these distractions can wreak havoc on our spirit when there is an actual crisis. It is in these times that being distracted is the worst case scenario. Instead, try to focus on God, even in the good times, so that when your life is derailed, you can lean into the storm and allow God to carry you. I hope this prayer for focus encourages you today.

A Prayer for Focus on God so He Can Help You Soar

Dear Lord,

Please help me to focus on you.. and only you. There are so many distractions vying for my attention every day. Please prompt me to quiet my spirit so that your spirit can work in my life.

Like the eagle, who can see the rabbit move from a mile away, you see everything. You might be in charge of the universe. You certainly have more important things to attend to than my problems, my petty grievances. However, like the eagle, you are a master of noticing the small and insignificant things.

You are focused on me.

You know me.

You care about me.

Even when I lose focus,

You are still faithful.

Even when I falter,

You are still faithful.

Even when I am drowning in life,

You are still.. faithful.

I know that Satan is trying hard to bench me… get me off track.. snatch me from the comfort of your bosom.

Satan wants me to be afraid, bitter, overwhelmed, scared… He wants me to run from the storms of life.

However, you beckon me to focus on you, and you are almighty.

You encourage me to enter the storm, to weather the storm and lean into the howling winds. Then, like the eagle, you lift me up. You take the storms of life and use them to make me soar.  You lead me to a place of peace… even if storms are still raging below.

I can overcome the storms of life when I focus on you.

I can overcome the storms of life because of you.

I know prayer can change my life because you change my life.. but I have to keep my focus on you.

Please help me never to take my eyes off of you, for you care deeply about me, and I know you will guide me to a place of peace. 

In Jesus’ name I pray… Amen.

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Have a blessed week!

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