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Nature Crafts for Kids

A really great way to develop an appreciation for nature in your kids, is to create nature-based crafts for kids. That could mean creating something out of a natural material, or creating a craft that resembles something in nature. Check out these ideas for nature crafts and I hope you have fun being creative!

Mother's Day Bottle Stamp Bag Crafts for Kids

Nature Crafts for Kids

For more crafts for kids ideas, check out this comprehensive list of over 1oo ideas. Additionally, check out the holiday crafts for kids page here, or the animal crafts for kids page here.

Of course, nothing beats an appreciate for nature than actually being in nature. For ideas on getting out in nature and having fun, check out some of these posts:

Camping With Kids Ideas

camping activities for kids 2

If you live in the greater DC-Baltimore Area:

Patapsco State Park

patapsco valley state park

Clear Meadow Farms Sunflower Fields

clear meadow farms sunflower fields

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!

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