Being the Mommy of Baby Jesus



Being the Mommy of Baby Jesus

As a relatively new Mom (Sweet Pea is almost 2 years old), I often wonder how her life will turn out. What will she be when she grows up? Who will she marry? What kind of person will she be? I am sure every Mom thinks about this, probably on a daily basis.

So, what do you think it was like the be Jesus’ Mommy?

Let’s start with his birth. I know, I know… the story of Jesus’ birth has been talked about over and over and over again. I mean, come on, even Charlie Brown is in on the action! But take a moment and think about his birth from the perspective of Mary, his Mommy. If you are a mother, remember the elation, the exhaustion, you felt in the hours, days, and weeks after your first child was born. Every Mom thinks her baby is special, right? Every Mom basks in the aura of newness, as friends and relatives come to ooh and ahh over their tiny little miracle.

In many ways, this experience was exactly the same for Mary. However, in some very important ways it was completely different. Luke 2:15-19 talks about how the shepherds came to see Jesus right after he was born. That sounds normal, right? However, afterwards they spread the word of his birth and everyone was amazed. Hmm, that is peculiar. This reaction to Jesus continued. When Jesus was presented at the Temple (Luke 2:25), Simon remarked that Jesus’ birth fulfilled the prophecy. Later, probably when Jesus was a toddler, the Magi paid Jesus a visit (Matthew 2:7) and when they saw him they bowed down and worshiped him.

I get excited whenever Sweet Pea learns a new word or puts together a new puzzle. Jesus was being worshiped though! I was showered with awesome baby gifts like cute outfits, homemade blankets, and toys. Jesus was showered with gold and expensive spices. It must have been crazy to be Jesus’ Mommy.

Simon also told Mary though that, ‘A sword will pierce your soul.’ It wasn’t just that Jesus was being worshiped. Mary had to accept that being the mother of Jesus would cause her much pain. Do you think Mary may have tried to ignore this? Control it? Safeguard against it?

Mary was a human mother and as such, I am sure the prospect of seeing her son suffer would have caused her great distress. If I were her I would have maybe tried to control the situation a bit. I certainly try to control the environment in which Sweet Pea lives. Ultimately though, Mary did not have any control over what happened to Jesus.

What lessons are here for us? What are you trying to safeguard or control in your own life? Mary knew she was going to eventually be asked to give up her son. What are you being asked to give up? Are you ready and willing to make that sacrifice?

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