Where To Celebrate Ice Cream For Breakfast Day In Maryland

two scoops of chocolate ice cream

These ice cream shops are all celebrating ice cream for breakfast day in Maryland. Make your plans now for a sweet start to your day! (updated for 2024!)

Note: Ice Cream For Breakfast Day 2024 is Saturday February 3rd!

I don’t know when I first heard that there was a holiday called Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, but I do know that I immediately started making plans to combine two of my favorite things– breakfast and ice cream!

Believe it or not, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day has been around since the 1960’s (who knew?) when a Mom of 6 from Rochester, NY wanted to entertain her kids (aka– get them to stop whining) during a cold, snowy winter. By the time her kids grew up and scattered around the globe (literally), the spread their love of this made up holiday.. and it caught on. 

But come on.. it’s ice cream and breakfast. That is like one of the best ideas ever!

Now, believe it or not, there are quite a few places in Maryland who hold special Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day events. We have scoured the internet to find as many as we could… and here they are. So, make your plans now and happy eating!

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1. Prigel Family Creamery

This fantastic creamery that is part of the Maryland Ice Cream Trail will host breakfast from 9am-1pm. They will offer: waffles, ice cream, ice cream lattes, brunch items, and cereal shakes.

More information about their event here. 

2. The Charmery

All 3 locations of this Baltimore ice cream shoppe are offering ice cream for breakfast! And they really celebrate in style. Here are all their offerings for this amazing day!

Breakfast themed ice cream flavors including bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel flavor, French toast with lingoberry jam flavor, and more. Past flavors have included: Cornflakes & Milk, Burnt Toast, Thick Butter, & Thin Jam, Honey Bunches – collab with Ground & Griddled with espresso, caramelized honey, cinnamon, & oats, Acai Bowl (VEGAN), Cold Pizza, and Whole Bean Coffee – with Vent coffee.

More information about their event here.

3. Broom’s Bloom Dairy

Come out and celebrate with with waffles, french toast, oatmeal and of course ice cream. Of course.. ice cream. 

More information about their event here. 

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4. Carmen’s Italian Ice and Cafe

If gelato and Italian ice are more your jam, head on over to Carmen’s Italian Ice and Cafe in Rockville. It looks like they have created some new delicious ice cream dessert just in time for Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! Stop by from 8am-noon.

More information about their event here. 

5. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in Bethesda

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is a great chain with a few select locations across the U.S. But there is also one in Bethesda, MD. Woo Hoo! They are celebrating ice cream for breakfast day from 8am to noon. A new ice cream flavor- Maple Soaked Pancakes– will be unveiled and the description is divine: Fluffy pancake bites floating in swirls of salted butter and Vermont maple syrup ice creams. 

They will also serve Coffee Floats in a special Jeni’s mug and 100% of the profits from this event will benefit DoSomething.org, a digital platform that powers offline action for young people interested in creating social change. 

More information about their event here. 

6. Norwood Ice Cream and Candy Company

Check out Norwood’s new location in Eldersburg! It is not clear if they will keep the tradition going at the new location. However, Norwood serves waffles with ice cream anyway, so a great opportunity to celebrate! 

More information about their event here. 

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7. Jarrettsville Creamery and Deli

This amazing Ice Cream Shoppe in Harford County is serving Ice Cream for Breakfast from 10am 3 February to 8pm 4 February. They will be serving Belgian Waffle Sundaes. You can get your sundae with any one of 24 available flavors of ice cream and then you can choose from strawberry topping, pineapple topping, chocolate syrup, and pancake syrups! Yummy!

More information about their event here. 

two scoops of chocolate ice cream

8. Hoffman’s Ice Cream and Deli

This great Carroll County establishment offers Ice Cream For Breakfast too! Well, they used to.. it’s not clear if they are having an actual event in 2023, but the ice cream shop opens at 9am… so they win by default!

Check out the details here.

9. The Little Red Barn

This great little ice cream place will make waffles to go with your ice cream on Ice Cream For Breakfast Day! They do this every Saturday morning, so if you miss this Saturday you can go anytime!

Click here for details!

10. Misty Meadow Farm Creamery

A fantastic creamery in Washington County that celebrates Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! Here are the details for 2023!

NEW FOR 2023!

– A la carte BACON 🥓 and SAUSAGE 🐷! Add it to the top of a sundae, pile on your shake, or order to share. We are all about helping you balance your sweets and meats😉. Both original and Apple cinnamon sausage from our farm raised pigs.

– Cheese cake flapjack 🥞 rolls🤤! Fresh and hot flapjacks wrapped around our house made cheese cake cream! If you’ve ever had our cheese cakes….you know!

Pj’s encouraged but not required. Our porch will be enclosed and toasty warm!

Click here for details!

11. Queen City Creamery

A Cumberland favorite does not appear to have a special Ice Cream For Breakfast event in 2023, but they are open early and have so many fun breakfast options you could combine with ice cream!

Click here for more details!

12. Gonce Marine

This is a new entry for 2024! It’s a full service marina, Ice Cream, Snowball & Snack Stand located in Sparrows Point on the waterfront. On February 3rd from 8am-7pm you can indulge in a waffle sundae, waffle ice cream sandwich, or cereal shakes!

Click here for more info!

13. Tasty Toucan

Another new option for 2024 in Stevensville!

SAVE THE DATE for one of our favorite days!!! Ice Cream for Breakfast day is coming up on Saturday, Feb. 3rd. We will be opening at 8:30 am serving ice cream for breakfast with some amazing specials!

Click here for more info!

14. sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt

The SweetFrog Frozen Yogurt spot in Catonsville has brought back Ice Cream For Breakfast Day festivities for 2024.

Hop in and fill a waffle bowl with yogurt and specialty breakfast toppings. (Mini pancakes, donut holes, cereals, fruit and more!!) Enjoy a juice or chocolate milk with your dessert breakfast and spend some time with Cookie or Scoop! Breakfast will be from 9:30-11:30am. 

Click here for more info!

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What if you don’t want to leave your house for breakfast?

Well, that’s easy! You don’t have to visit a local ice cream shoppe to celebrate this awesome holiday. If you would prefer to stay home, either break out the waffle iron or grab some EGGO waffles. Make (or toast) your waffles and then heap a generous scoop (or two or three) of your favorite ice cream flavor on top!

Top if off with chocolate syrup and sprinkles.. and then dig in!

Either way, I hope you take some time to celebrate this super fun and super sweet holiday!

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ice cream for breakfast day in maryland

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