Keepsake Crafts for Kids

What makes keepsake crafts for kids so… special? A tangible reminder of time spent together is one good reason. Another might be that like a photograph, a keepsake craft captures that snapshot in time… reinforces a loving memory. Then, of course, there is the cuteness factor. Keepsake crafts are just so cute! Here are a few keepsake crafts we have made together. I hope these ideas inspire creativity for you as well! The great thing about Keepsake crafts is that they also make great gifts for Grandparents, Mom, Dad, or other special adults in your kid’s life!

‘You Are My Sunshine’ Handprint and Footprint Canvas

Ladybug Footprint

Fall Tree Cork Paint Canvas

Cotton Ball Paint Heart Canvas

Handprint Bouquet

Shaving Cream Paint Flowers

Easy Cork Paint Picture Frames

Adorable Apple Button Craft

Bottle Stamp Flower Bags