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Faith and Spiritual Encouragement

Well, hello there!

Are you in need of spiritual encouragement? Do you need to drink deeply from the well that will provide living water? Are you perhaps grappling with serious faith issues? Maybe you are trying to raise kids to love Jesus in a world that constantly drowns him out. Perhaps you are tired of the milk, and want to sink your teeth into the meat of the gospel.

If so, I hope you will find these Bible studies and devotionals both encouraging and challenging.

Let’s grow together in our faith and spur one another on to love and good deeds. Would you like to join me?


woman's Bible Study Lessons

NEW! 5 Minute Mornings: Daily Devotionals for Women

Women Encountering Jesus

What does God really think about women? What can we learn about our Father through the interactions of His son with the women he encountered? Click here to see this in-depth 17 lesson series about the value Jesus places on women.

Symphony of God

One of the great loves of my life is music. I have played the violin since I was 8 years old. Granted, the first few years were hard on the ears (thank you Mom and Dad!), but eventually I actually became quite good. Now I play once a week with one of the best all-volunteer orchestras in the country. As a musician, I have always been struck by the countless parallels between the symphony orchestra and our faith. Here are just a few devotionals I have written based on the notion that we are all a part of God’s symphony… that we are all His masterpiece. Click on each photo to go to that post.

Gods Symphony 1 2

conductor 2 3

attentive rest 4 3
soloist 3 3

mahler and the case for god 3



Soldiers of Christ

I spent 9 years of my life serving as a Soldier in the U.S. Army. Phew, that seems like a long time (it was). Throughout the Bible there are many references to spiritual warfare, the battle, to the idea that we are in the Lord’s Army. Here are some of the lessons of faith I have learned by being a soldier in two armies… the U.S. Army and the Army of God.

the ruck march: soldiers of christ women's bible study lesson

need to be clean

soldiers of christ womans bible study lesson

Christian Mom

Do Christian Moms and Christian Women see life through a different lens? I think that God calls us to view the world with His eyes. What does that mean though? What is the Christian perspective? Here are a few thoughts on the subject, ranging from the church to social issues to highly personal issues like infertility.

Christian Working Mom

spitfirechurch 1

Day My Daughter Broke Me 2 2
When Infertility is Part of God's Plan1

One Step Closer to God 2

i am sorry 6

spiritually selfish

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